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Keyton Wheelock

Head Soccer Coach, University of Louisiana Monroe

CSP kinesiology graduate Keyton Wheelock is the head coach of the women’s soccer team at the University of Louisiana Monroe, a Division I institution that competes in the Sun Belt Conference. We asked her a few questions about what drew her to the coaching profession and how her CSP degree helped her on the path to her life of purpose.

Q: What program were you enrolled in? 
A: I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in kinesiology with an emphasis in athletic training, exercise science, sports management, and community health.

Q: When did your passion for sports and kinesiology begin?
A: My passion for soccer started very early on in my life as I started playing the game at age 4. My passion grew every year playing and learning more about the game. When my collegiate career started, I was faced with injuries and I knew my time to play was limited. It was at that point that I started to focus on what went into coaching at the collegiate level.

Q: Tell us about how Concordia fit into your decision to pursue coaching.
A: I knew I could not walk away from the sport I loved so much. Being a college coach seemed to be the most logical step. With a kinesiology degree, I could dive into the specifics of training athletes from a physical and psychological aspect.

Q: What part of your career has been the most surprising or unexpected? How has it shaped you?
The thing that surprised me most is that coaching soccer is actually only about 10-20% of the job. The other 80-90% is the business side: recruiting, managing staff, managing players academically, physically and psychologically, and paperwork. It has made me a more patient person. It has also made me look at myself first in every situation and then put myself in their shoes. It allows me to have a better understanding.