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LaChelle Williams Malacha

Executive Director at HOPE 4 Youth

LaChelle Williams Malecha is a CSP double alum, having earned both her undergraduate and graduate degree through CSP. Most recently, Williams Malecha earned her master’s degree in Leadership and Management in 2018. Now, Williams Malecha is the Executive Director of HOPE 4 YOUTH, a nonprofit organization that provides resources to young people who need support.

As a nontraditional student, Williams Malecha returned to school to finish her undergraduate degree and pursue a master’s degree after that. Finding a program that offered support to an adult learner who was already balancing a full-time job and family was important to Williams Malecha.

“I love the inclusive environment of CSP. I was a non-traditional student returning for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. The personalized program experience was amazing!”

The support she found at CSP was one of the best parts of her experience. From the expert faculty offering support to her admissions counselors keeping her on track, Williams Malecha attributes a lot of the ease of her education to the support she found. “I felt fully supported at CSP. From admissions to my professors, if I had questions, I was always met with support and positive guidance.”

CSP made Williams Malecha’s educational pursuits worth it. The thoughtfully curated curriculum helped prepare her for leadership roles and gave her the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed. “The most valuable resource I obtained from CSP was the relevant coursework within each class. As a professional going back to school while working, it was immeasurable to immediately apply lessons we were discussing.”