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Lauren Inserra

Print Production and Photography Management Specialist at Bachman's

Lauren Inserra ’22 graduated with her B.A. in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. Though she wasn’t always sure what she wanted to do or where she would end up, Inserra was able to realize a lot of her career goals and aspirations during her time as a student at Concordia University, St. Paul. Now, Inserra works for the corporate leg at Bachman’s as their Print Production and Photography Management Specialist.

Inserra came to CSP as a transfer student after she had tried a different four year university. She took some time to figure out the path she wanted to go down by completing her generals at a local community college before transferring to CSP. Outside of having the degree that she desired, CSP also offered small class sizes, both of which drew Inserra in.

“What drew me to Concordia was the size of the school. Knowing it wasn’t so big, I would feel lost among so many others was something I really liked. Also, knowing that the class sizes were smaller and more intimate, where you could ask questions and engage in learning, was also a big draw for me.”

Through these small class sizes, Inserra was able to form meaningful and lasting relationships with faculty and peers. These connections have continued to help Inserra both professionally and personally. “Knowing that I had people to go to for help and honest advice/critiques while in the program but still being able to stay in touch after graduation is something I value a lot.”

The program Inserra completed gave her the skill and tools necessary to succeed in her career. With a great variety of classes and excellent faculty to teach them, Inserra praises the opportunities she found through CSP. While completing an internship, Inserra realized how valuable her education from CSP really was. “Lots of things that I learned in the classroom were put into reality.”