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Monica Miller

B.S. in Orthotics and Prosthetics, '24

Monica Miller is a student in the Orthotics and Prosthetics program at CSP. Miller discovered CSP because of the specialized program offered. After graduation, she hopes to continue into CSP’s MSOP program to earn her graduate degree.

Miller moved across the country to continue her education but started at a community college first. She knew she would move on to CSP after completing generals, and one of the biggest draws for Miller was the transfer-friendly benefits CSP offers. “The selling point for me was how easy it was to transfer credits from another school.”

As a nontraditional student in more ways than one, Miller also commutes to campus for classes and events. As a commuter student, she values all of the ways that CSP supports students like her. “There are amazing commuter events that give out free food while also teaching us leadership skills and offering educational opportunities. I value the free seminars and lessons provided during some of the luncheons.”

Even though she doesn’t live on campus, Miller finds many ways to stay involved and connected. She is a member of the Ignite Leadership Certificate Program, where she has sharpened many interpersonal skills. “When I apply the concepts that the amazing CSP staff teach, I have found that I can deal with conflict better and find creative ways to solve problems.”