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Nate Bornstein

VP of Field Operations at Premium Retail Services | Acosta

CSP alum, Nate Bornstein, graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Business Management. Now, Bornstein is the VP of Field Operations at Premium Retail Services | Acosta. His degree obtained through Concordia St. Paul has helped Bornstein excel in his leadership role.

Bornstein appreciated the skilled and expert faculty at CSP. “At Concordia University St. Paul, I had the privilege of interacting with a group of highly knowledgeable professors who were experts in their respective fields…Their willingness to assist and provide guidance made my learning experience at Concordia truly enriching.”

Besides the excellent education and curriculum that CSP offers students, Bornstein found the networking opportunities to be vital for him and his career. “The networking experience at CSP proved to be invaluable and contributed to my personal and professional growth.” CSP has an extensive network of alumni and career connections.

CSP is proud of the diverse community cultivated on campus. Students from all backgrounds and walks of life find themselves at Concordia St. Paul, making it an enriching environment for everyone. “One of the highlights of my educational journey was the opportunity to gain diverse perspectives, not only from the dedicated professors but also from fellow students who were at various stages in their careers.”