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Noah Gundermann

Music Composition '24

Noah Gundermann is a Music Composition major with a minor in Theology and had his original musical, Write Me Letters, selected and performed at this year’s Fringe Festival. Gundermann has done extensive work within CSP’s music and theatre departments and has learned invaluable lessons on craft along the way.

Having grown up within CSP’s community, Gundermann found it to be the best option for him when it came to choosing a college. CSP’s tight-knit community was one of the biggest drawing points for him, along with the robust music department and the ability to be immersed in a faith-based education. “It’s always felt like home in a way, and after checking out other schools hoping for music and fancy recording studios, nothing else really matched the sense of home and the sense of community CSP has…These opportunities aren’t options at big competitive impersonable schools.”

Gundermann describes the perfect mesh between classroom studies and extracurriculars as being what helped him with his achievements so far. Outside of writing and performing in plays and musicals, Gundermann is involved in a handful of music ensembles at CSP. “Overall, I’d say that I’ve learned some nifty stuff in music classes, but the bulk of my learning has been from experiences in music ensembles and in the workshops and readings. I’m able to get feedback on my work there, and then try again with a new focus and perspective.”

The classwork opportunities have helped Gundermann feel prepared for his professional journey as the Praise Team Coordinator at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. “I have learned so much from leading and planning worship that has made my current job so much easier. Because of all the experience I’ve gained working with all sorts of people with varying abilities, I have the tools to serve at a congregation and effectively lead.”