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Olif Yoseph

PSEO Student at CSP

Olif Yoseph is a current PSEO student at Concordia St. Paul and is working towards earning his BFA in Graphic Design. As a PSEO student, Yoseph is checking off both high school credits and college credits at the same time.

Yoseph heard about CSP through his high school and a family member’s affiliation with CSP church work. After learning more about CSP and the classes offered, Yoseph decided to take advantage of CSP’s resources. “The smaller classroom sizes alongside the friendliness of the staff provide a welcoming environment for incoming freshmen like myself.”

One of the biggest reasons Yoseph wanted to pursue PSEO credits was to save time and money while working toward his future. “Earning credits in high school really helps you out in college because it gives you a head start on general education requirements that you must take to graduate. If you take PSEO classes, it can eliminate a lot of time spent on other requirements and give you more time to focus on the classes that you really are interested in.”

As a PSEO student, the support that CSP offers is invaluable to Yoseph. He has gained confidence in the classroom and feels prepared for college coursework. “CSP has helped me as a PSEO by providing me with knowledge about college and how classes work before entering college.”