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Reeve Klatt

Freelance Writer & Digital Editor

"Majoring in English will force you to learn how to listen to yourself, discover what inspires your creativity, and learn more about who you are."

Reeve Klatt, ‘17, came to Concordia with ambitions of becoming a kindergarten teacher, but left with a journalism degree and a position at MN Bride. Currently, she works as a freelance writer and digital editor, contributes monthly articles to a variety of online magazines and lifestyle websites, and runs her website ( Read our Q&A with Reeve below!

Q: When you started college, did you know you wanted to major in English?

A: Nope! At first I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but fell in love with studying literature and changed majors my sophomore year. Best decision I ever made!

Q: Were you surprised by the job opportunities you had with an English degree?

A: I find, when looking for work, that an English/Journalism degree is often asked for in a variety of positions.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering an English major?

A: Know that an English major is more than just reading books and talking about them. Majoring in English will force you to learn how to listen to yourself, discover what inspires your creativity, and learn more about who you are.

Q: Tell me about your experience with class size at Concordia. Do you think it impacted your learning in any way? Do you feel you have access to meaningful time with your professors?

A: I loved the class sizes! The average class had about 12-15 students, a few were a bit larger, and some were only three people! I loved the intimacy that these classes brought as I got to share my thoughts, ask questions, and connect with other students.

Q: Do you feel that you established significant relationships with the faculty?

A: Absolutely! I have stayed in touch with several professors since I graduated and continue to look to them for advice and encouragement. Being able to create personal relationships with different professors made my time at Concordia extra rich and meaningful.

Q: Tell me about a professor who’s been especially helpful or influential during your time at Concordia. Who is your favorite, why, and in what ways have they impacted you?

A: Matt Ryan challenged me the most as a writer while at CSP. He gave me constructive feedback and encouragement that helped me find my writing voice and feel like I had a place as a writer in the world. He also never failed to poke fun at himself and make me laugh!

Q: What is the most valuable piece of information/lesson/takeaway from your time at Concordia?  

A: I learned to listen to my own voice as well as the importance of listening to those around you without judging them first. Concordia provides the space to discover who you are well also learning about the wider world around you.