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Ryan Wieland

Vice President of Digital Accessibility Sales at Allyant

Ryan Wieland graduated in 2013 with his MBA from CSP Global. Now, Wieland works as the Vice President of Digital Accessibility Sales at Allyant. When asked why he chose CSP Global to earn his degree, he noted the importance of flexibility. “I chose to obtain my MBA at CSP Global due to the nature of the program being a ‘working’ MBA, allowing me to continue my full-time profession while also expanding my education.”

In addition to the flexible model, Wieland appreciated the community-based cohort model, where students were able to connect and grow their network among each other. “CSP’s concept of keeping our MBA cohort consistent over time made for an amazing experience. We were not just classmates but became a team and network.”

CSP Global’s faculty are experts in their respective fields, something that Wieland found invaluable about his education experience. “I loved the approach CSP Global took in building out their MBA program by bringing in seasoned business professionals to teach and lead courses and allowing them to share their lived experience through the education.”

For Wieland, one of the biggest drawing points of all was the applied and hands-on learning experience; classwork modeled after real scenarios gives MBA students the opportunity to solve business-related problems and apply their newfound skills and knowledge. “CSP Global sold me on the ability to apply my MBA directly to my career and future aspirations. It was less about obtaining and retaining knowledge for a test and rather was focused on building applicable experience through the various targeted courses that would expand my experience and knowledge on critical areas of business leadership.”