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Director of Christian Outreach



The only program of its kind, the Director of Christian Outreach (DCO) program prepares you to lead, train, equip and encourage others in the various facets of outreach ministry throughout the world. You’ll earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Director of Christian Outreach certification by majoring in Christian Ministry, minoring in Lutheran Theology and completing a DCO internship.



On Campus

The Director of Christian Outreach (DCO) program is designed to equip students for exemplary service in Christian ministry settings in the areas of education and/or outreach. You’ll study cultures, generations and rural/suburban/urban ministries as you learn to plan and facilitate meaningful strategies for the church to reach out to those without a saving faith in Jesus. Additionally, a DCO helps to assess outreach opportunities unique to a ministry setting and to equip each congregation to bring the Gospel to people in the most winsome and effective ways possible.

Certification as a Director of Christian Outreach requires the completion of a major in Christian Ministry, the 12-credits in Christian Outreach, and 12-credits of an internship. The DCO certification also requires completion of the Lutheran Theology minor, which represents the theological core of the program and is taken by most church work students.

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Church Work Tuition Guarantee

Concordia University, St. Paul’s church work tuition guarantee ensures eligible students enrolled in church work programs will pay no more than $6,000 in tuition each academic year.

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