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Pre-law students at Concordia University, St. Paul should complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in one or more fields of study. Law schools prefer that students complete a broad, diverse, and challenging undergraduate curriculum and reserve legal study for law school. Undergraduate programs should reveal the student’s capacity to rise to intellectual challenge and perform well at an academically rigorous level, whether in the sciences, the liberal arts, the business curriculum, or other fields.



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Pre-Law Specialty Studies involve coursework that will help you develop the skills in analysis, problem-solving, critical reading, writing, oral communication, listening, task organization, and management necessary for a law career. You’ll work closely with a pre-law advisor in choosing courses that meet your interest and develop knowledge of history, political thought, pre-calculus, finance, human behavior, social interaction, diverse cultures, international institutions and world events. Your pre-law advisor will also help you apply for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and advise you in the law school application process.

You can choose from various liberal arts majors that will help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for law school entrance and success. At Concordia, small class sizes and one-on-one relationships with your professors allow them to know your skills and characteristics well enough to write insightful letters of recommendation for law school entrance. Concordia’s emphasis on relevant, hands-on learning will give you plenty of experiences outside the classroom that will stand out on your law school application.

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