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Bachelor of Arts


The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre program at CSP is the natural jumping-off point for creative theatrical artists pursuing their craft in front of or behind the curtains. Graduates from CSP’s Theatre program are successful in many theatrical career paths as well as education, business, and ministry.


Program Length

45 Credits


On Campus

CSP’s Theatre degree comprises of a core set of focuses, including acting, set creation, dance, improvisation, and more. This full-bodied approach to theatre is crucial for graduates to be prepared for anything the industry throws at them.

Students will experience a rich blend of traditional classroom and performance opportunities that help prepare them for entry into professional careers in theatre or graduate studies.

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Career Paths

Actor $ 37,315
Producer/Director $ 85,320
Makeup Artist $ 96,370

Program details

The Theatre program at CSP provides students with a challenging variety of theatrical experiences that enrich their artistic, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual lives. Graduates are prepped for future careers in a variety of capacities on community, local, or national stages.

Coursework is based on the idea of artistic expression and finding your passion. That’s why CSP’s Theatre program features so many different concentrations such as acting, directing, dance, script writing, improvisation, and set design and creation. You’ll also have the opportunity to hone your craft during your hands-on internship.

Career opportunities in theatre are plentiful. Many avenues are available for graduates, such as directing, acting, choreography, writing, set building, and more.

Expand Your Abilities

“The school is very good about letting students explore other areas and try lots of things,” says Sailer. “It was a small, safe place in a big city, and I found really wonderful, close-knit groups of friends and peers who learned to work together.”

– Tim Sailer (Theatre, ’13), Actor