Solus Christus Fellows Program

Connecting Faith, Learning, and Life Together

Concordia University, St. Paul promises to be a place where Christ is honored and where Lutheran convictions inform intellectual inquiry and academic pursuits. The Solus Christus Fellows Program provides students with an opportunity to explore why their faith matters for their studies and their future careers. At the center of the program is the Christian Gospel – the free and enlivening work of Jesus Christ. The curriculum brings the Christian scriptures, theological resources, and Christian community together to inform and shape students’ lives for dedicated service to God and humanity.

The goal of the Solus Christus Fellows Program is to enable students to intentionally connect their Christian faith with their academic studies and career goals in a small group setting. In addition, students receive one-on-one mentoring. Through special lectures at Concordia University including the annual Hoffmann Lecture and occasional events at area universities, churches, and Christian organizations, students will have the opportunity to hear prominent speakers on important topics in Christian theology. These speaker events will explore the intersection of Christian theology with the humanities, arts, sciences, and health professions.

Concordia is excited to launch the Solus Christus Fellows Program in the 2017-2018 academic year as part of CSP’s celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. The “Reformation solas” captured the heart and essence of the Reformation: by grace alone, through faith alone, in Scripture alone. To these is added one more sola – Christ alone. Solus Christus means that our salvation is only in the life, death, and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ (John 20:31). Solus Christus is essential to our Lutheran identity as a university and serves as an excellent starting point for conversations on how Lutheran convictions inform intellectual inquiry and academic pursuits.

The Solus Christus Program includes:

Christian Formation

As a Solus Christus Fellow, you will be part of a small cohort who meet every other week during the academic year for guided discussion. You will discuss carefully selected short readings designed to help you understand and live well in your various God-given callings in life. These readings provide a grounding in the best of what the Christian tradition – the Bible, the early church, Reformation-era, and more recent Christian writers – says about these various callings.

The modules are designed to build upon one another, so students can continue subsequent modules in future years. Fellows who complete at least two cohorts will receive recognition as a Solus Christus Fellow to formally recognize their exploration of Christian theology and vocation. Each fellow will enter a cohort based on their stage in academic and career (there are both undergraduate and graduate cohorts), prior preparation, and interests.

Christian Formation Curriculum

Module 1: Living By Faith

  • Selected readings in the Old and New Testament
  • Martin Luther’s Freedom of a Christian

Module 2: The Gospel in Everyday Life

  • Selected readings in the Old and New Testament
  • William McDavid, Ethan Richardson, David Zahl, Law and Gospel: A Theology for Sinners (and Saints)

Module 3: Leading Lives That Matter

  • Selected readings in the Old and New Testament
  • Selected readings on Christian Vocation

Annual Hoffmann Lecture
Selected events at nearby universities, churches, and Christian organizations

Christian Community

Christian community is about life together. As a Solus Christus Fellow, you will be part of a community that encourages each other and regularly takes part in discussions together. We will also incorporate opportunities for us to grow relationally and in our Christian spiritual formation together.

  • Regular (every other week) cohort discussions (typically on Monday evenings).
  • Chapel attendance is encouraged during all chapel days, but Solus Christus Fellows will intentionally set aside time to attend chapel together every Monday.
  • Participation in various social events throughout the year.
  • Participation in service opportunities on campus and in the community throughout the year.
Academic Fellowships

Students have many commitments and responsibilities. In addition to the many benefits of the program, students will receive a small $125/semester stipend. All costs of the program, community meals, retreats, and books will be covered by the program.


Program Expectations

Solus Christus Fellows are CSP undergraduate or grad/professional students in any field or discipline. Interested students should complete this online application and agree to the following expectations.

Solus Christus Fellows must fully participate in all events each semester, including:

  • Regularly attend (every other week) cohort discussions.
  • Participate in Solus Christus Fellows social events and service opportunities.
  • Attend Reformation and Hoffmann lectures and select events at nearby universities, churches, and Christian organizations.


Prof. Mark Koschmann

Mark Koschmann, M.Div., M.A. is Concordia’s resident expert in urban and multicultural outreach, missiology, and Lutheran theology in a global urban context. He joined Concordia’s faculty in the summer of 2015. In addition to teaching Christian outreach and theology students, Koschmann leads the Hoffmann Mentoring Initiative as the Fiechtner Chair in Christian Outreach.


Scholarship amount per year for undergraduate students in Program