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Card Services

Concordia University St. Paul students, staff, and faculty all receive an official Concordia University Identification Badge, referred to as your Comet Card, when they start their time here. This card serves as a multi-use tool that not only acts as your official ID on campus, but also serves as a key card, debit card for food services, library card, and allows users to access university printers.

The Card Services office is part of the Concordia University Security Department, and manages the card production, and access system on campus. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm.

Card Services

Meyer Hall 124 // 651-641-8788 // [email protected]

Comet Card Functions

  • University identification cards are issued to each student, staff, and faculty member when they begin their time at Concordia. This card, referred to as your Comet Card, serves as your official ID when on campus. You may be asked to show it to prove your ID in various offices on campus. Additionally the card has your student or staff identification number (L#) on the back.

    If your card breaks, or gets lost please contact the Card Services office for a replacement.

  • Comet Cards also serve as key cards for numerous places on campus, such as:

    • Residence Halls & Rooms
    • Offices, Conference Rooms
    • Classrooms, Studios, Labs
    • Game Rooms & Gym Facilities

    Access for students outside of their regular access (such as team locker rooms, labs or studios for classes, or offices for campus employment) is requested by their supervisor, professor, or coach using our access list system.

    Access for staff and faculty is requested by their supervisor utilizing this Card and Key Request form.

    For questions about, or troubleshooting of access please contact Card Services.

  • Our campus dining partner, Sodexo, uses the Comet Card to serve as a debit card for their meal plan and flex dollar system. Students, staff, and faculty can purchase meal plans, or dining dollars to use in both of our campus dining locations.

    To learn more about the plans, and how to add them to your card you can visit their website here.

    If you have any questions regarding the meal plans offeredcontact Alaine Scoles in the Dining Hall offices (651) 641-8275 or e-mail.

  • Just like Arthur said, “Fun isn’t hard with a library card!” Your Comet card also serves as your university library card, allowing you to check out materials from the library and access a wide-array of online resources.

    Visit the Library Services website to learn more about how your Comet Card can help you in your academic pursuits!

  • University members can use their Comet Card to log into our printers. This allows them access to the printing, copying, and scanning features.

    To troubleshoot or to learn more about printing benefits on campus please contact Document services at [email protected], or visit their page here.


  • Submitting your ID Photo Via Email

    1. Login to your CSP Email

    2. Email [email protected] and include the following information in the body of your email:

      • First and Last Name
      • L# (Your ID # here at CSP)
      • Role at CSP (Student, Staff, or Faculty)

    3. Attach your ID photo

            ID Photo Requirements:
      • You must be looking straight at the camera, against a light-colored, and solid background.
      • Photos cannot include: hats or sunglasses, or derogatory subject matter. Photos should not be group photos or cropped down from a group photo.
      • Color photo, 300 x 400 pixels
      • Minimum size of 15KB, but less than 1MB
      • File type must be Jpeg
      • Photo file is named using your L# (ex. L00897634)

    Receiving your ID

    Staff and Faculty

    Staff and Faculty who teach on campus will be emailed when their IDs are ready (typically within a business day) and are able to pick up their IDs in the Security Office. Those who teach remotely will be able to have their IDs mailed to them.

    New Students

    New students attending classes in person, or living on campus will receive their IDs during Welcome Weekend. Students in our cohort programs will be mailed their IDs from Admissions two weeks after their first class begins.

    • New First Year Resident Students: Wednesday, September 1st at move-in
    • Transfer Resident Students: Thursday, September 2nd at move-in
    • Transfer Commuter Students: Friday, September 3rd at check-in
    • Returning Resident Students: Sunday, September 5th at move-in
    • New PSEO students: You may pick it up in Meyer Hall 124
    • New Cohort students: Ries Tower programs (in-person ASBN, BSN, DPT and DMS) will receive their IDs in person at orientation or on the first day of class (check with your program chair for specifics for your program). All other new cohort students (graduate and undergraduate degree completion) will receive their ID via mail by the end of September.
  • Welcome!

    New employees need to submit a photo to us for their campus ID. You can find our photo submission guidelines and instructions on our website here

    Supervisors need to submit an access request form for each new hire. You can find that here (link will download form). Currently we have a 3 business day turnaround for new hire IDs and keys once we receive the photo and access request.

  • Are you returning to campus for the first time in a while? Stop into Meyer Hall 124 so we can replace your ID if it’s worn out, encode it so your access is active for the next year, and update your expiration sticker. We’re open 8-4:30, M-F to assist with this.

    Contracted Faculty of Practice who may need evening availability – please email us at [email protected] so we can work with you directly.

  • You can find our photo submission guidelines and instructions on our website here.

    Has your photo been denied. Here’s a short primer on what we’re looking for.

    Photos should be similar to what you would submit for a passport photo. When we are looking to approve or deny a photo we’re checking for the following things:

    • Background is a light colored, non-patterned or textured wall (or removed completely).
    • File is a Jpg file type (we cannot accept pdf, or png files).
    • Subject is positioned directly in front of the camera, looking directly at the camera, and is not wearing anything that could conceal their image. (Glasses and cultural headwraps are ok, ball caps, beanie hats, and sunglasses are not).