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Student Health and Wellness

College is a busy time in life! You’ve got your hands full with classes, campus activities, friends, and maybe even a job or two. All of those responsibilities can take a toll on anyone.

Learning how to take care of yourself from a wellness perspective is also part of the college experience. There are times when we are faced with physical illness or may experience anxiety and depress, or just need someone to listen. Here, you can connect with a variety of helpful resources while you’re studying at Concordia.

Contact Student Health and Wellness

Counseling Phone: 651 641 8252 (answered when counselors are on-site)
MN Relay for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students: 711

Location: Winget Student Life Center, Room 310 (Above the Dining Hall, 3rd Floor)

Those who wish to speak with a pastor for spiritual counseling are encouraged to reach out to CSP Pastor, Rev. Tom Gundermann at 651-641-8271

Additional Information

  • Concordia University, St. Paul is committed to providing accessible education to students in compliance with all relevant federal and state laws, including section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act and the amended ADAAA (2010).  Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is available for students taking traditional, cohort, and continuing education credits. We serve qualified students with appropriate evidence of a disability or those who need academic accommodations for short term medical conditions (one semester or less).

    If you are a student who would like more information on what we can offer, please click “Accessing Services” on the left or use the contact information on the right to schedule a meeting either in person or via phone.

    Concordia St. Paul is also committed to providing access for programs and services on our campus that are offered to the public.  We are happy to discuss needs and arrange accommodations for campus guests.

    Please note that some accommodations, including sign language interpreters or print materials in alternative formats require additional time—usually more than a week. Contact us for more information.

  • Don’t forget to ask about student discounts and tell them you attend CSP.

    Area Clinics and Hospitals

    Parkway Family Physicians (This is our collaborating health care clinic)
    Doctors: Langley, Ness, Hamilton, N.P. Easterly
    Hours: M-F 8-5
    721 Snelling Avenue, St. Paul 651-690-1311

    Highland Family Physicians
    1540 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul
    Phone: 651-699-8333
    Hours: M-F 8:30-4:30 Sat. Urgent Care only 8-12

    Health Partners
    451 North Dunlap St. Paul
    Phone: 651-999-4700

    Allina Health Bandana Square
    1020 Bandana Blvd. St. Paul
    Phone: 651-241-9700(Clinic)
    Urgent Care-walk in
    Hours: M-F 8 am-10 pm Sat.-Sun. 9am-5pm

    Fairview Highland Park Clinic
    2155 Ford Parkway, St. Paul
    Phone: 651-696-5050
    Urgent Care Hours M-F 6pm-10pm, Sat. 8am-10pm, Sun. 10am-8pm

    Family Tree Clinic
    1619 Dayton Ave.
    Phone: 651-645-0478
    Hours: Day and Evening appointments Mon, Wed. 8:30-8:30, Tue, Thur. 8:30-5-Closed Friday
    Services: Fee based on ability to pay. Reproductive and Sexual Health.

    Clinic 555
    555 Cedar Street
    Phone: 651-266-1255
    Services: Reproductive and Sexual Health, Immunizations, TB Control

    St. Paul Public Health Immunization Clinic
    555 Cedar
    Phone: 651-266-1234
    Hours: Tue. 1-4, Wed. 8:30-11 and 2-4, Thur. 4-7
    Services: Immunization Clinic (don’t call for appointment-just walk in)

    Gordon Parks
    School Based Clinic
    1212 University Avenue
    Phone: 651-793-2234
    Hours: Tu 9-12 & 1-4, 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-3:00
    Services: Sees patients under 22 years old are free

    Multicare Associates
    Roseville Medical Center + Urgent Care
    1835 W. County Road C
    Phone: 763-785-4500

    Health East Midway
    1390 University Ave., W. St. Paul
    Phone: 651-232-4800

    North Memorial Urgent Care
    1955 West County Road B2 at Prior Avenue, Roseville
    Phone: 763-581-9250
    Services: Walk-in, first come first served basis only

    CVS Stores
    1040 Grand Ave.
    Phone: 651-224-2155
    Hours: M-F 8:30-7:30, Sa 9-5:30, Su 10-5:30
    Services: Walk In

    Target Clinics
    1300 University Ave., W. St. Paul
    Phone: 651-642-1146
    Hours: M-F 9-7:30, Sa & Su 9-4
    Services: walk-in

    Urgency Room
    3010 Denmark Ave., Eagan  651-789-9900
    7030 Valley Creek Plaza, Woodbury, 651-789-7000
    1159 County Rd East, Vadnais Hts. 651-789-6500



    William H. Johnson 651-644-4440 Central Medical Building Suite 303 (across I-94)
    Offers free exam and X-Rays to new CSP patients.

    Steven R. Hagerman 651-646-2392 160 SW Minnehaha (just West of Snelling) Discount for Concordia Students

    Westside Dental Clinic 478 S. Robert 651-602-7518

    Metro Dental 1375 St. Anthony Ave. 651-645-4671 Discount for Concordia Students

    Helping Hand Dental Clinic 506 W. 7th St. 651-224-7561

    Mendes Family Dentistry 550 S. Snelling Ave., St. Paul MN 55116 651-699-0404

    University of MN 612-625-5441

    Grand Avenue Dental 651-291-9667, 960 Grand Ave., St. Paul


    Eye Doctors

    Target Optical 1300 University Ave. 651-646-3163 (10% off for CSP students/faculty/staff)

    Pearle Vision 1560 University Ave. (in Midway shopping center) 651-646-8889

    St Paul Eye Clinic Central Medical building 651-641-0457



    WellSpring Chiropractic
    7166 10th St. North, Oakdale, MN



    Target 1300 University Ave. 651-646-8002

    Walgreens 1550 University Ave. 651-646-6163

    Cub 1440 University Ave. 651-646-8858

    St. Paul Corner Drug 240 Snelling Ave. S. 651-698-8859

    Walmart 1450 University Ave. 651-644-4286

    CVS 499 Snelling (at University)651-917-2001

    Westside Dental Clinic (LaClinica) 153 Cesar Chavez Street 651-222-1816

    East Side Clinic 860 Arcade 651-793-2250

    CVS 1040 Grand Av. 651-224-2155

    Lloyd’s 720 Snelling Abe. 651-645-8636


    Emergency Rooms

    Fairview University Medical Center at Riverside ER
    2450 Riverside Ave. Minneapolis
    Phone: 612-273-6400

    United Hospital ER
    333 N Smith Ave. St. Paul
    Phone: 651-241-8000

    Fairview University ER on U Campus
    500 Harvard
    Phone: 612-273-3000

    Regions Hospital ER
    640 Jackson Street, St. Paul
    Phone: 651-254-5000

    St. Joseph’s Hospital ER
    69 West Exchange Street, St. Paul
    Phone: 651-232-3000

    If You Have No Medical or Dental Insurance

    Gordon Parks
    Health Start
    1212 University Avenue
    Phone: 651-793-2234
    Hours: Tu 9-12 & 1-4, 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-3:00
    Services: Sees patients under 22 years old are free

    North End Health Center 135 Manitoba (Rice and Manitoba) 651-489-8021

    Face to Face Clinic 1165 Arcade Street 651-772-5555

    Neighborhood Health Care Network
    Phone: 651-489-2273
    This is an alliance of clinics (medical, dental, mental health) working to serve the underserved.
    Services: help locating clinics which see uninsured patients on a sliding fee scale or flexible payment plan; assistance learning about and applying for low cost or free health coverage through Minnesota Health Care programs; a free and confidential nurse line.

    United Family Medicine
    1026 7th St. w, St Paul, MN 55102-3828
    Phone: 651-241-1000

    Minnesota Care
    (For MN residents who have been uninsured for four months and qualify.)
    Phone: 651-297-3933

  • Upon admission state law also requires that Concordia University, St. Paul have your immunization record on file.

    Student Hospitalization or Surgery:

    1. Students who live in campus housing must notify the campus housing official in charge of their residence when they have been hospitalized or undergone surgery during the academic year.
    2. Upon discharge from the hospital or surgery, students may not return to the campus residence unless they are able to perform all of their own self-care measures and can return to normal activities of daily living.
    3. Upon return to the campus residence following hospitalization or surgery, students must present documentation from their health care provider indicating their ability to perform self-care to the appropriate campus housing official.
    4. The campus housing official in charge of the student’s residence will notify family members of a hospitalization when appropriate. If the student desires that his/her course instructors be informed of his/her absence, the director of advising may be asked to assist in this communication.
    5. Hospitalization or Surgery Form

    Have a healthy and productive year!

  • Health Insurance Information for Traditional Students

    The Affordable Health Care Act requires that everyone has health insurance and provides access to coverage. With this change to the law, Concordia University also expects that all students carry health insurance. It is the student’s responsibility to provide payment or insurance for any physical or mental health medical needs.

    Concordia University assumes no liability for student illness or injury and no responsibility for medical bills and/or services contracted for by students. It is the responsibility of the student to carry the insurance card at all times to have available in case of illness or injury.

    Students and families that are concerned about health insurance should know that the Affordable Care Act requires everyone to have health insurance. There are many options available to students, including, being covered on their parent’s policy until age 26 or purchasing coverage through an insurance exchange. The insurance exchange is an online resource where you can find information about different health plans and coverage. is the federal insurance exchange. Residents of Minnesota can look under where you can access the cost for each plan and enroll or find out whether you qualify for financial assistance based on annual income.

  • CSP students have access to confidential and licensed professional counseling. Students can walk-in during open hours or schedule an appointment (preferred) to be seen by a licensed counselor in a professional and confidential manner.

    Counseling is available from 9:30am – 3:30pm Monday-Friday during the academic year.

    To schedule appointments please send an email to [email protected]

    Students also have access to private and confidential teletherapy through CSP’s partnership with META Health Teletherapy. Choose your provider and receive chat, video, and voice counseling through your smartphone.

    To sign up download the META Health app or visit their website


    Other Counseling Options

    1. Mental Health Urgent Care:
    2. Walk In Counseling Centers Near Campus:

    Right NOW Care

    Feeling badly now? Need someone to talk to but unsure who?

    Regions Hospital Crisis Program



    911 OR SECURITY AT 651 641 8777

  • The following links may provide useful information about topics related to health and wellness, however, their listing does not indicate endorsement by CSP Health Services or Concordia University-St. Paul.

    General Health/Treatment/Disease Information

    Minnesota Health Information
    Minnesota Department of Health
    Mayo Clinic
    Better Sleep Council
    National Sleep Foundation
    Food and Drug Administration
    Johns Hopkins Medicine
    Family Doctor
    Centers for Disease Control
    Health Finder
    American Cancer Society
    American Heart Association
    Discovery Health

    Alcohol/Drug Information

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Al Anon
    National Institutes of Health
    Minnesota Recovery Connection
    Alcohol Poisoning

    Pandemic Flu

    Minnesota Department of Health
    Center for Disease Control
    World Health Organization

    Fitness/Exercise Information

    Aim for a Healthy Weight
    BMI Calculator
    Physical Activity for Everyone


    Minnesota Department of Health

    Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance

    Nutrition Information

    Discovery Health
    Eat Right

    Tobacco Information

    General Tobacco Information
    Stop Smoking Plans
    Why Quit
    Cancer Society
    Centers for Disease Control
    Quit Plan
    Joe Chemo
    Tobacco Free U
    Chew Free


    Center for Disease Control

    Male/Female Health Information

    American Social Health Association
    Centers for Disease Control
    National Institutes of Health
    4 College Women

    Mental Health Information

    Walk-In Counseling
    National Mental Health Association
    Self-Abuse Finally Ends (SAFE) 1-800-DONT-CUT
    Campus Blues
    National Mental Health Association
    National Institute of Mental Health
    Jed Foundation-Suicide
    CSP Counseling


    Sexual Violence Center Crisis Hotline 612-871-5111
    Domestic Abuse Project 612-874-8445
    Rape and Sexual Abuse Center 24 Hour Help Line 612-825-4357
    Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey Co. 24 Hour Hotline 651-266-1000
    Women’s Advocates 24 hour Crisis Line 651-227-8284
    Tubman 612-825-0000
    Regions Hospital Crisis Program 651-221-8922

    Eating Disorders

    Eating Disorders
    Emily Program 651-645-5323 1-888-364-5977
    Eating Disorders Institute-Methodist Hospital 952-993-6200


    Chrysalis 612-871-0118, 866-323-5608
    Fairview Recovery Services 612-672-2222 or 1-800-338-2234
    Hazelden Center for Youth and Families 763-509-3800
    Hazelden Treatment Center 1-800-257-7810


  • Comet’s Cupboard hopes to decrease the number of food insecure Concordia students by increasing access to free and nutritious groceries and to reduce stigma associated with receiving nutrition assistance through creating a welcoming environment. CSP’s Comet’s Cupboard is available to Concordia students, faculty, staff, alumni, or their dependents at no cost. No proof of income or need is necessary to visit Comet’s Cupboard. Everyone is welcome to visit and take what they need. Check out the Comet’s Cupboard page for more information: Comet’s Cupboard



  • Concordia University wants to ensure that all of our students remain in good health. The safety and wellbeing of our students, staff, and faculty is our priority. CSP will be using recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health higher education guidelines to inform our classroom/lab, class layout, and cleaning requirements.


    • Wear a Mask
    • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
    • Maintain Physical Distances
    • Stay home from work or class if you are feeling sick

    For more information on how CSP is working to help keep our community healthy and safe – CSP COVID-19 Response.



    If you are sick, please stay home or in your dorm. Conduct screening by checking your temperature and your symptoms and if necessary, contact your medical care provider to find out if you should be tested for COVID-19.

    Below is a list of local COVID-19 testing sites near CSP’s St.Paul Campus

    M Health Fairview – Saint Paul Clinic Medical laboratory
    1690 University Ave W
    COVID-19 Testing Center
    Appointment Required: (855) 324-7843
    Referral Not Requested Tests limited to certain patients

    United Family Medicine Doctor
    1026 7th St W
    COVID-19 Testing Center
    Appointment Required: (651)241-1000
    Referral Not Required Tests Limited to Certain Patients

    To find more testing sites in MN: Get Tested

    For additional testing sites, contact your state’s health department’s website.