Jordyn Joens '16

Data Analyst, Ovative Group

Jordyn Joens picture

Jordyn Jones started working full-time as a data analyst for the local Ovative group after she graduated from Concordia in May 2016. Her role has expanded since she first joined their team and she’s taking on new clients, developing deeper subject expertise, and developing her management skills.

“The most surprising part of my role has been the number of experiences that I have had the opportunity to be a part of.” In addition to pitching ideas to new businesses, leading her own client work, or working with a team that is in the midst of groundbreaking work within the industry, the amount that she has been able to accomplish in her year and a half at Ovative is something of which she’s proud.

“The projects that I worked on at Concordia prepared me well for my future career. The real-life work of identifying a market opportunity and developing a solution to address is an important lesson that I’ve been able to take with me from Concordia to Ovative.”

She draws from her Concordia experience often. “The team projects that I was part of in my final year prepared me most. Each client I work with is like a different class and project that I worked on at Concordia, teaching me to balance time and use strategies across projects.”

A Twin Cities resident who initially came to Concordia to study public relations, Jordyn envisioned a career where she could work with companies 1-on-1 to see what they’re about. She entered the marketing world to investigate the things that work and don’t work for companies. “What got me into marketing were commercials – the things that most people hate, but I love. They’re so intriguing. What are they trying to get you to do and how are they doing it?”

In the future, she plans to continue developing her leadership skills through higher education and certification programs. “Being a leader in the industry is similar to being a leader in the workplace — each require similar competencies and thought-leadership.”