Nasra Hussein '17

Nasra Hussein picture

Nasra Hussein always wanted to be a doctor. That’s what she would play when she was a child. She would dream about wearing a white coat and helping people.

“In Somali culture, being a doctor is held in very high regard. My parents are proud of me. My dad goes around saying, ‘This is my daughter. She’s going to be a pediatrician.’ The dream that every Somali parent has for their kids is for them to be successful.”

She was a 16-year-old PSEO student when she started full-time at Concordia. She felt intimidated at first, but found the campus welcoming and that Concordia’s values as a Christian school matched the values that she had in her faith. The reminder of Christian faith on campus always made her remember her faith

Her dad finished college in Somalia and wanted to work in agriculture there, but he had to leave the country before he had a chance. Her parents left everything behind when they fled: books, clothes, everything. Now, her parents support her and her sister in their endeavors and want them to live out their dreams.