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DPT – Accepted Students


Now that you have been accepted, please complete and submit the list of items below.

Phase 1

Finalizing Your Acceptance

  • Minnesota State law requires proof of immunization. You will not be allowed to enroll until the required documentation has been submitted. Please complete and submit the immunization form by May 1st.

    Please note: Immunizations submitted in any format other than the online form cannot be accepted.

  • A final, official transcript showing degree completion and/or grades for any in-progress courses must be received by the Office of Admissions (not PTCAS) at least one week prior to your program start date.

  • As you prepare to arrive on campus, we wanted to introduce a new resource for incoming students – our Online Orientation!

    We encourage you to review this helpful information at your own pace.  Once you complete it, you can refer back to it anytime.

  • Each incoming student must submit a photo to Card Services to be used for their CSP ID.

    ID cards will be available for pickup at your orientation in September.

Logging On

  • Your CSP Network Account will be created after you are admitted. At that time, you will be emailed information to help you get started.

    1. Logging into your CSP Email Account – Using the Chrome web browser go to

      • If you are not already signed into a gmail account, click “sign in”, enter your CSP email address and network password.
      • If you are already signed into a non-csp gmail account, you can click the account icon in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Add another account” and enter your CSP email address and network password.

    2. Set up 2-Step Verification – As soon as you sign into gmail, you will be prompted to set up two-step verification. If you ignore the prompt and do not set it up within 24 hours, your account will be locked and you will need to contact the help desk to unlock it for another 24 hours.

    3. Forwarding your Email – Concordia recommends that every CSP student uses their CSP email address. All emailed communication from CSP will be directed to the CSP email address therefore it will be imperative for all students to maintain and check their CSP Gmail account regularly.

      • Login to your CSP Gmail Account
      • Go to your settings (the gear icon on the top right of the email page)
      • Click on the “Forwarding the POP/IMAP’ tab
      • Click on the “Add a forward address” button
      • Enter the forwarded email address and follow the instructions

    If locked out of your account or for help resetting your password, contact the IT Help Desk.

  • CSPConnect is your student portal providing links to all aspects as a student at CSP including billing, financial aid, and Blackboard (your online classroom).

    Log into CSPConnect. Here are the steps:

    1. Use Safari or Chrome
    2. Go to
    3. Sign in with your username and network password that you received in your CSP Network Account Information email.
  • CSP is one of the first universities to partner with Microsoft to license Microsoft Office for all students. This software will be available at no cost to students and the license allows installation on up to five devices owned by the student.

    Questions about technology? View the CSP Help Desk website or contact them at [email protected] or 651-641-8866.

Financing Your Education

  • To apply for financial aid at CSP, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and choose Concordia St. Paul using the code 002347.

  • Grad PLUS – federal loans for graduate or professional students.

    Fast Choiceprivate lending for higher education.

  • Tuition and fees must be paid by the posted deadlines each term. Submit a payment through CSP Connect Student Portal in Blackboard and click on the Student Page – additional links for students within the University Links section.

    CSP Payment Plan | Automatic Withdrawal

    • There will be a 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee for each credit card payment. Concordia does not receive this fee.
      A returned payment for any reason will be charged a $35 bank fee to your student account.

    CSP Installment Plan | Manual Installment Payments

    • $35 processing fee
    • 1% monthly finance charge on outstanding principal balance

    Payments by Check may be send to:

    Checks may be sent to:
    Concordia University
    Lockbox 446006
    P.O. Box 64065
    St Paul MN 55164-0065

    Cash and check payments are accepted at the cashier windowCredit card payments on student accounts must be made online. Please include your student ID on all payments.

Questions about Phase 1?

Contact DPT Admissions Counselor:

[email protected]

Questions about Phases 2-5?

Contact Dr. Hamilton at

[email protected]


Create the following accounts by June 30th

  • An email will be sent by Exxat with detailed instructions in May.  Be sure to check your CSP email and your junk mail.

    Exxat will approve and manage immunizations, provider screens, training modules, etc.

  • Follow the instructions outlined in this document to run the national background study. The Universal link will be available no later than July 1. DO NOT run drug screening unless notified by the Clinical Education Director.

  • The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) requires students who will complete their practice experience in MN to complete a NetStudy 2.0 Background Study.

    The process for the DHS NetStudy is listed below for your convenience:

    • Read the Background Study Applicant Background Study Instructions/Notice of Privacy Practices document.
    • Create your account on the NetStudy 2.0 Applicant Portal. Apply following the detailed instructions.  You will receive an email with a link to complete the consent and disclosure process.
    • Jill Wiebe, DPT Program Administrative Assistant, will contact you to set up a time to meet for ID verification.
    • After submitting your study, IDEMIA (fingerprint service) will send you an email to complete the pre-enrollment process and schedule your fingerprint appointment (if needed).  Be prepared to pay $9.50 at the time of your appointment (cash not accepted). Read the detailed instructions again for clarification.

Phase 3

Upload the following documents into Exxat by July 31st

  • You will be required to upload all immunizations and positive titers into Exxat for approval.  Please follow the instructions these requirements before you upload your documents in to Exxat:

    1. Tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis (TdaP) – most current dose/booster within the last ten years.
    2. Varicella (Chicken Pox) – two documented doses of the varicella vaccine, laboratory evidence of immunity or confirmation of disease (via a titer), or verification of a history of varicella disease (including exact date and signature of a licensed health-care provider).
    3. Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) – two doses after age 12 months or antibody titer results documenting immunity of the three components.
    4. Hepatitis B – Document 3 doses of the vaccine or antibody titer (blood test) results documenting immunity.  If the titer is negative or equivocal, then a repeat of the three vaccine series AND repeat titer is required.  Note: The Hepatitis B series takes four to six months to complete; therefore, if you have not had this series, you should begin this process as soon as possible to comply with this requirement.
    5. Polio
    6. Tuberculosis (TB) – a Two-Step Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST) must be completed (one step will not be sufficient for clinic sites). This is a skin test that is read 48-72 hours after placement of PPD, and the area of indurations recorded.  Then a second PPD test to be performed/completed one weeks to three weeks after the first test being started.  This two-step TST needs to be done once and an annual one-step TST will need to be then thereafter.  The requirement can also be met through an Interferon-Gamma Release Assays (IGRA) blood test (QuantiFERON Gold or T-Spot) which will meet the requirement for the two-step TST and may be conducted annually in place of the annual TST.
  • You are required to have health insurance to participate in clinical activities. If you already have insurance, copy your insurance card (front and back) or receipt and upload to Exxat. Proof of health insurance will need to be submitted annually.

    Concordia University expects that all students carry health insurance. It is the student’s responsibility to provide payment or insurance for any physical or mental health medical needs.

  • A physical exam must be done within one year of entering the program and be “within normal limits” in all areas. If not, the student must have documentation regarding any treatments, medicines, plans to follow, limitations, etc.

    If a student’s physical exam status changes, they must seek treatment and provide the Program Director and Director of Clinical Education with the necessary documentation noting any limitations. Fulfilling this Student Health Record will require an appointment with your healthcare provider for a physical and immunization updates.

    If seeing a new healthcare provider, you should bring your immunization records with you. Bring the provider statement of student health status with you to your appointment, and have your practitioner sign the document. Upload your provider statement of student health status into Exxat.

Phase 4

Complete item below by August 15th

  • Students are required to complete the training modules via the CSP training system on HIPAA, OSHA, Blood Borne Pathogens, Hazard Communications, and Diversity in the Workplace.

    Links to the training modules will be sent to your CSP email early summer from a system called Safety Skills. The courses must be completed and the certificates need to be uploaded into Exxat.

Phase 5

Complete items below by September 15th

  • Students must have a documented annual flu shot for the upcoming flu season. This must be administered prior to students going into the clinic and documentation of the vaccination must include: supplier, batch, and that it is specifically for the upcoming flu season. This must be uploaded into Exxat.

  • Students in the DPT program are required to complete CPR/AED Training for Health Professionals through the American Heart Association.  This will take place within the Clinical Seminar I course in the Fall of the first year, prior to going into any clinic setting.

    Students must upload their certification of completion into Exxat.  Students will renew their training at the end of their second year in the Clinical Seminar III course.

  • Students are required to review the CSP Student and Clinical Education Handbooks during their orientation week. A signature form, indicating acknowledgement of this must be signed and uploaded to Exxat.

Additional Resources

  • Classes begin on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

    *Please note: Fall break is only for undergraduate students

  • You’ll be spending a lot of time on campus as a Physical Therapy Student. Quite a few students find having a meal plan helpful so you can simply stop at the coffee shop or Winget Student Life Center to grab a meal in between classes and studying.

    For assistance with off campus housing – CORT Housing Assistance Information (PDF)

  • Being a DPT student carries with it risks related to physical, chemical, infectious disease, psychological, and radiation hazards. These risks can be controlled through the responsible application of procedures designed to minimize them. DPT students are encouraged to consult with academic or clinical faculty members when they are concerned about the risk of working with a particular patient or procedure.

    For further information refer to Health Risks, Report of the 1992 American Physical Therapy Association House of Delegates. The full text of this report is in the 1992 House of Delegates Handbook (APTA, Alexandria, VA; 179-189).

  • CSP thanks our military and veterans for all that they have done and are doing to serve our country. In appreciation we offer a $2,000 scholarship applied at the start of your program.

    Find out more on our Military webpage and contact your Admissions Counselor for more information!

  • Check out our student services page for different resources you have available to you at CSP.