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Doctorate in Kinesiology (EDD) Accepted Students


Welcome to Concordia University’s EdD in Kinesiology Program

On behalf of the Department of Kinesiology, I want to welcome you to the EdD in KHS community. We hope that you find the resources on this site helpful as you get started in your first class. We have dedicated faculty who are excited to learn along with you as you embark on this journey. Don’t hesitate to make connections with us and your colleagues alongside you. Congratulations on your first step!

-Matthew Buns, Ph.D., Director, Doctorate in Kinesiology Program

Next Steps

  • EdD in Kinesiology Program Outline 

    Course     Course Name     Term     Credits
    KHS 7000     Current Issues and Trends in Kinesiology     Term 1           3
    KHS 7820     Research Methods in Kinesiology     Term 1           3
    KHS 7100     Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise     Term 2           3
    KHS 7110     Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise Physiology     Term 2           3
    KHS 7010     Medical Aspects of Exercise and Disease Prevention     Term 3           3
    KHS 7120     Advanced Exercise & Sports Nutrition     Term 3           3
    KHS 7800     Action Research in Kinesiology     Term 4           3
    KHS 7900     Seminar in Kinesiology 1     Term 4           1 
    KHS 7810     Applied Measurement and Evaluation Techniques in Kinesiology     Term 4           3
    KHS 7020     Exercise and Health Behavior Change     Term 5           3
                                    Exercise Science COGNATE     Term 5           3
    KHS 7901     Seminar in Kinesiology 2     Term 5            1
                                    Exercise Science COGNATE     Term 6           3
    KHS 7130     Advanced Exercise and Sport Psychology     Term 6           3
    KHS 7902     Seminar in Kinesiology 3     Term 6            1 
                                    Exercise Science COGNATE     Term 7           3
    KHS 7903     Seminar in Kinesiology 4     Term 7           1
    KHS 7830     Advance Research Seminar in Kinesiology     Term 8           3
    KHS 7030     Professional Ethics and Program Management in Kinesiology     Term 8           3
                                    Dissertation     Term 9           12


  • Your Academic Advisor will be your key contact throughout your program for things like transfer credits, registration, and course availability. Contact your advisor, Kennadie Loyd at [email protected].

  • Registering for your courses just got easier. With the help of your Advisor you will prepare your Academic Plan. Once your plan is set, we’ll get your approval and register you for your courses. 

    Your Academic Advisor will be reaching out to you to get started!

  • A list of CSP’s dates and deadlines can be found on our CSP Academic Calendar. Below are upcoming key dates so be sure to mark your calendar. 

    • Last day to register: Sunday before the start date
    • Last day to drop a course without charge: Friday of the first week of class
    • Tuition due: this will depend on how you plan to pay for your courses. Visit the Accepted Student Financial Aid page for more details.
    • Scholarships applied: approximately two weeks after the start date
  • Our orientation is a vital part to starting the EdD – Kinesiology program. Located in the KHS Lounge in Blackboard, this self-paced orientation will cover: a program overview, sample three and four year academic plans, resources, CSP connect, and a first course preview among other topics. This orientation is to be done after acceptance to the program but before your first course starts.

    While exploring the KHS Lounge, you’ll also find a list of courses, an introduction to Scientific and APA writings, and a space to communicate and get to know your fellow classmates.

  • At Concordia University, we offer a number of student resources that will assist you in achieving success in your program. Our services include help with writing papers, tutoring, career opportunities and resume writing, finding academic resources and research, as well as connecting to student groups and university activities. Visit our Student Services site for more information.

  • To apply for financial aid at CSP, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and choose Concordia St. Paul using the code 002347.

  • Your CSP Network Account will be created approximately one week after you are admitted. At that time, you will be emailed more information to help you get started (subject line: CSP Network Account Information).

    Your network account allows you access to Blackboard (our learning portal) and your CSP email (Gmail) and will be used throughout your time as a Golden Bear.

    Follow our step-by-step tutorial to set up your network account:

Dr. Katie Fischer

Dean of the College of Health and Science

Dr. Lana Huberty

Dean of the College of Kinesiology, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Dr. Eric LaMott

Provost & Chief Operating Officer


Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have prior to starting your first course.

After the start of class, please contact Ed.D Academic Advisor, Kennadie Loyd: [email protected].