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Congratulations! Welcome to Concordia.

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program at Concordia University, St. Paul!

Now that you’ve been accepted to the PSEO program, the next step is to register for fall semester classes. Please contact the Office of Academic Advising at or 651-603-6318 as soon as possible to coordinate your registration process. The deadline for course registration and PSEO enrollment confirmation is Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

How to Register For Classes

Meet with your High School Guidance Counselor

Before registering with CSP, meet with your high school guidance counselor to determine what classes you will need to fulfill graduation requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to know course equivalencies between Concordia University, St. Paul and the high school.

Contact Academic Advising

Contact the Office of Academic Advising at or 651-603-6318 as soon as possible to coordinate your class registration with an advisor.

You may set up a face-to-face meeting, email your selected courses, or call to register. When emailing or calling please have the course title, course number, and course section ready.

Complete the Online Math Placement Exam

If you plan to take any math or science courses at Concordia you are required to complete the online Math Placement Exam in order to register as a PSEO student.

Please follow these directions to complete the Math Placement Exam:

    1. Go to
    2. Login using your username and password. You will need your student ID number to retrieve your username and password. If you have any issues with your username and password, contact the Concordia University Help Desk at or 651-641-8866.
    3. Select the course: Math Placement Exam
    4. Complete the Exam which will appear on the left-hand side of the page

Math Placement Practice Materials

Class Registration FAQ

How many credits can I take?

Juniors in high school are eligible to take up to 12 credits at Concordia.

Seniors in high school are eligible to take up to 16 credits at Concordia.

What courses are offered?

Primarily general education courses and a selection of elective and major course offerings. PSEO students can take any class as long as they have met the prerequisite requirements (Listed in the Catalog Entry for each course).

Excluded from PSEO: Religion courses, private music lessons, independent studies, summer courses, courses with required travel, work-study, and DII athletics

How do I search for courses?

Please search through our course catalog.

Select “Fall 2018” from the first drop down menu. You can then narrow your search to one specific subject area or you can hold down the Control key while selecting the multiple subject areas. If you wish to choose all of the subjects, select the first one listed, scroll to the bottom and select the last subject listed while holding down the Shift key.

Under Schedule Type you can choose from “Traditional Face-to-Face”, “Traditional Online”, and “Continuing Studies Online”. PSEO students are not able to take courses listed under the other schedule types. They include our graduate and cohort offerings.

Can I register for summer courses?

No.  PSEO students are only eligible to register for fall and spring semester courses.

PSEO Orientation

PSEO Orientation will take place on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 and attendance is mandatory for enrollment.

If you are unable to attend, please contact the PSEO Advising Office as soon as possible.

Helpful Resources

PSEO Textbook & Materials Return Policy

According to MN Statutes section 124D.09 Subd. 20,

“All textbooks and equipment provided to a pupil and paid for under subdivision 13, are the property of the pupil’s postsecondary institution. Each pupil is required to return all textbooks and equipment to the postsecondary institution after the course has ended.”

Therefore, all PSEO textbooks and materials must be returned to the Concordia University Bookstore by the last day of Finals Week within the semester in which the books were used.

If a PSEO student fails to return textbooks and materials to the Bookstore by the end of Finals week, a hold will be placed on the student’s record. The student will not be able to purchase any additional books and materials for the following semester until a fee equal to 100% of the original purchase price is paid in full at the Business Office.

The Bookstore cannot accept textbooks and materials for return after the semester deadline.

Students who wish to participate in the PSEO program for subsequent semesters must complete and submit the “Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program Notice of Student Enrollment” Form (Form ED-01763-11) to the Academic Advising office each semester.