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PTSD vs. PTSI: Considerations for Professional Wellness

There are power and value in shared experiences within our criminal justice system field, resulting from personal, professional, and leadership perspectives that uncover employee wellness concepts.

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Complex Trauma: Resilience Strategies

Trauma is real and quite often a silent storm. Regardless of the magnitude of trauma, someone realizes that their feelings are valid, their experience and pain matter, and so does the healing process.

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Emotional Intelligence: Responding to Life’s Stressors

How we show up makes a difference. The message portrayed in our attitude is a by-product of how we choose to be seen and heard.

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Developing professional cultural competence: A journey, not a destination

The crusade for cultural competence is an ongoing pursuit requiring a culturally aware framework that can reshape how human service practitioners understand and approach trauma-informed interventions.

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Legacy of Leadership Part 4: Administrative Leadership

As our Legacy of Leadership series comes to an end, this fourth (and final) article will focus on Administrative Leadership.

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Legacy of Leadership Part 1: The Beginning

Our Legacy of Leadership series will span four journals and touch on four leadership categories (The beginning, informal leaders, first line, and executive/administration).

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Legacy of Leadership Part 3: Formal Leadership

We have taken you through our first two articles about the Beginning, the Informal Leader, and now we will be moving you into the Formal Leadership discussion.

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