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CSP Accepts the White House’s COVID-19 Challenge


COVID-19 Information & Resources, General News

CSP has accepted the White House’s invitation to participate in the COVID-19 challenge alongside numerous colleges and universities across the country.

The Challenge asks participating colleges and universities to do three things:

  1. Engage every student, faculty, and staff member. Make sure every member of your campus community knows they are eligible for a vaccine and has the resources to find one.
  2. Organize your college community. Lead the way by identifying champions for vaccine efforts across campus and implementing a plan to get as many members of your college community vaccinated as possible.
  3. Deliver vaccine access for all. Meet your community where it is: bring vaccines on-site and make it easy for students, staff, and faculty to get vaccinated sites nearby them this summer.

About The Challenge

President Biden wants as many Americans as possible to get vaccinated. Doing so is critical to saving lives and helping our country return to normal.

While a significant portion of older generations has received the shot, younger Americans lag behind. It is time for younger generations to get their shot. We’re all in this together: Ensuring that young people join their parents and grandparents and get vaccinated will not only keep them safe, but it will also protect their families and communities by reducing the risk of giving the virus to someone else.

For additional information on the COVID-19 Challenge please visit

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