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Minnesota Twins and CSP Team Up to Offer Professional Sports Experience for Students


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The Twins and CSP are collaborating to offer a Professional Sports Experience for students this summer semester. This involves weekly classroom engagements with team professionals at Target Field, followed by game and non-game day hands-on experiences throughout the week.

Ivan Cardona, M.A. ‘16 is the Ballpark Tours Manager with the Twins. Cardona is helping run the program and says, “Our hope is to aid by driving awareness on the different skills needed ‘hard or soft’ that would make an individual thrive in sports and/or business. After this experience, our hope is that students see and understand how a modern sports and entertainment brand can shape a better tomorrow for all. That sports have a great platform to make real change in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn what a culture of innovation looks like. And walk away feeling better prepared to go into the sports field.”

CSP Professor Ryan Hubbard is the director of the program on CSP’s end, and has been overseeing the students participating in the program. Hubbard is in charge of the weekly class session, plans beneficial experiences, and creates a schedule of events for students. 

Hubbard is excited for students to grow in the program and have a better understanding of what it takes to work in professional sports. “Experiential learning is a huge opportunity for students, and opening up access to people in the professional sports world will be highly beneficial for students.” He urges his CSP students to “be inquisitive, curious, and present” while taking advantage of this opportunity. 

Participating students will gain real world experience in the professional sports industry by learning firsthand the ins and outs of running a professional sports team and their organization. 

Headshot of CSP student Brendan O’Brien.Brendan O’Brien is one of CSP’s students participating in the Twins Professional Sports Field Experience program. O’Brien is in the Sports Management program, and will be graduating in 2025. CSP’s Kinesiology department chair, Lana Huberty, and the PSE program director, Ryan Hubbard, have been the connection between students and the Twins. Over the course of the program, O’Brien will be expected to attend a class every Monday, and work at least two events at Target Field each week, including a baseball game. “I am looking forward to understanding the behind-the-scenes of professional baseball. As someone who played baseball growing up and has been to multiple professional baseball games, now working for the program is a dream come true.” 

Headshot of CSP Student Cory Clark.Cory Clark is another CSP student participating in the Twins Professional Sports Field Experience program. He is a Sports Management major, graduating in 2023. Clark was introduced to this program through CSP’s Kinesiology department, and decided to take the opportunity. The program will give Clark unmatched experience in the professional sports industry and will help propel his career forward. “I am looking forward to experiencing what it takes to efficiently operate a sports organization with the hopes of carrying ideas and information with me as I move into my eventual career within the sports world profession.”

Moving forward, both CSP and the Twins hope to foster the newly formed relationship by continuing to provide opportunities for growth and learning experiences to CSP students. Cardona sums up the high points of the program. “We benefit from this program in various ways: a new partnership with CSP, developing solid relationships with the students, and the ability to promote…At that end of the day, we want these students to apply when opportunities arise, and hire them.”