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Transformative Summer Campus Upgrades


University News

Concordia St. Paul underwent a bustling summer dedicated to enhancing the campus environment through various capital projects. Notable improvements were made in the residence halls, with a comprehensive makeover of Luther Hall’s rooms and an update to the Luther Hall Dorm sign. Moreover, both Luther and Wollaeger Hall underwent roof replacements.

Major updates occurred at the Library Technology Center, with an investment nearing $1M to orchestrate a complete renovation encompassing lighting, carpeting, paint, visual elements, and new furniture. The focus here was aimed at elevating the student experience, fostering peer-to-peer engagement and optimizing the learning experience.

The campus infrastructure received a thorough upgrade as well. Noteworthy projects included HVAC enhancements in the Library and Art Building, the implementation of new concrete pathways throughout the campus, and a window upgrade for the BEC building.

Various enhancements were strategically introduced across the campus to enrich student life. The Sea Foam Stadium gained a new video scoreboard, amplifying the sports-watching experience. A consistent theme of renewal continued with the introduction of new furniture in multiple locations across campus. Meyer Hall’s classrooms were revitalized to establish an ideal learning setting, while the Cross of Christ received a refreshing update.

The campus-wide transition to energy-efficient LED lighting stands as another remarkable achievement over the past two years, demonstrating a commitment to championing sustainability.

We have also nearly doubled the space for our DMS program on the 8th floor of Ries Tower. This project included additional faculty offices, student spaces, and the incorporation of five new mock examination rooms.

These comprehensive updates hold immense significance as they position our facilities and campus to seamlessly accommodate a projected record-breaking enrollment for the upcoming fall semester.

Our commitment to growth is further exemplified by the addition of a new parking lot by Ries Tower, as well as the construction of a new building on Marshall Avenue, which holds exciting potential for future expansion. Additionally, we are in the final stages of acquiring adjacent property to the Baseball field, a move that will greatly enhance our athletic and intramural field space.

Dr. Eric Lamott, CSP’s Provost & Chief Operating Officer, encapsulates the significance of these achievements: “Concordia St. Paul was blessed to be in a position to have such significant capital acquisitions and improvements over the past 12 months. Our student experience continues to be enhanced supporting recruitment, retention and graduation.”