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Eric Simmons

Director of Technology Services at Chisago Lakes School District

Eric Simmons, the Director of Technology Services at Chisago Lakes School District, earned his K-12 Principal & Superintendent graduate degree in 2016. As one of the 12 universities in the state of MN that offer a superintendent and principal licensure, Simmons chose CSP Global because of the competitive tuition costs.

As a full-time professional with a family, Simmons appreciated the flexible cohort model that allowed him to continue his career without sacrificing what is important to him. Furthermore, Simmons noted how having peers who were also full-time professionals enriched the learning environment.

“I felt supported by peers in the cohort model who were also working full-time and able to test out new ideas in practice right away. Staff were responsive and provided helpful feedback along the way.”

One of the most valuable resources Simmons took advantage of through his program was the extensive networking opportunities. From expert faculty to guest lecturers, CSP’s graduate programs provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to propel career development.

“CSP’s emphasis on connecting students with others working in the field is a game-changer. The opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from fellow professionals is invaluable. It not only enriches the learning experience but also opens doors to new perspectives and career opportunities.”