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Jason Oney

Consultant at Semler Brossy Consulting Group

What were your most important factors to consider when you were selecting a college?
The most important factor when selecting a college was a place that would offer me an intimate classroom setting while also being positioned in a city that would offer a large range of activities, job opportunities, and diversity. I had a broad interest in mathematics but wasn’t certain which field I wanted to pursue. Concordia’s location offered more resources and opportunities than the rural schools I was considering.

Is there a specific project or class that you refer back to in your current position? What about that experience made it so relevant?
The course that helped me the most in my current role would either be Discrete Math or Abstract Algebra. These courses are not your standard math classes and really challenge you to interpret and approach solutions differently. The courses go deep on understanding logic, set theory, and relationships – which are all useful skills to have as a management consultant. Many of the problems I face each day are novel and require strong frameworks and processes to develop a solution that fits the needs of each unique client.

Do you feel that you established significant relationships with the faculty? What importance did those relationships have in the quality of your classroom experience?
I definitely felt a warm welcome from the math department. I spent a lot of time utilizing the office hours that the faculty provided. Their open doors allowed me to ensure I was understanding and progressing on the course work but also provided me with broader conversations about the field and applications of the subjects I was studying.

Did you feel prepared for your next steps? In what ways do you feel CSP prepared you to pursue your path?
I believe the opportunities that Concordia offered me have set me up for success in the next step of my career. Across campus, I was able to learn, interact, and lead while wearing multiple hats. Being a member of the school’s Student Senate, the football team’s Leadership Council, and the president of the Tri-Pi Math Club offered a diverse set of experiences where I was able to interact with students, faculty, and the community with broad backgrounds and perspectives. I’m able to leverage these experiences and apply them to my client relationships domestically and abroad.

If you could give advice to a student who wants to pursue a similar career path, what would it be? What would you tell someone who is considering CSP?
There are two pieces of advice I would give to a student who wants to explore management consulting. First, as a strategic business advisor, it is prudent to develop a knack for challenging the status quo. Approaching solutions by breaking them down into their parts and building them back up in compelling ways. Secondly, I’m a firm believer that you have a much higher chance of landing a job through a personal connection. I would encourage all students to exhaust their networks, including Concordia’s Career Development, looking for relationships with those who work in an industry you’re interested in.

Who is your favorite professor at CSP, and in what ways did they impact your time at Concordia?
In my experience, Rob Krueger was the most influential professor during my time at Concordia. As head of the math department, Rob is a champion for all those interested in the field and empowers students to find where math intersects their interests. If you’re interested in education, engineering, insurance, or broader business/finance, Rob is engaged in helping students explore the prospects of a career path. Further, Rob has relationships with employers and organizations across these fields, which was a big help for me in landing my first internship.