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Mishayla Jones

Ticket Sales Representative, Milwaukee Brewers

"I am forever grateful because I went to CSP as a young lady with hoop aspirations to a grown woman with a master’s degree."

Mishayla Jones graduated with her bachelor’s degree in sport management and a minor in marketing and is a current graduate student of the sport management master’s program. She is set to graduate this spring. Her CSP experience was shaped by her dedication as an athlete as well as her lifelong passion for sports. Today, she is with the Milwaukee Brewers as a ticket sales representative. We caught up with Mishayla to talk about how her time at CSP built a solid foundation that translated her love for sports into a viable career path.

What brought you to CSP?

It was [former CSP head women’s basketball coach] Paul Fessler who changed my life and brought me to CSP. I was a basketball player looking for a college team. If it were not for Coach Fess asking me to come and be a part of something great, I would not have done so. He offered me a full-ride athletic scholarship for four years. If it were not for him, I don’t know if I would be where I am in life.

How would you describe your CSP experience?

My CSP experience was different than that of a traditional student. I was a stand-out ballplayer who loved sports. Anything with sports, I was a part of. I was involved in women’s basketball and the CHAMP (Concordia Health Alliance for Majors in Physical Education & Kinesiology) Club.

What led you to study sports management and then marketing as well?

My whole life has been sports, and I couldn’t think of anything else to do for the rest of my life. Sports makes the world go around; it’s considered life for people. People will do anything for their favorite team, they are considered a part of the team. Why not work to make someone else’s experience great if they already have a passion for it? I enjoy getting things together for clients and seeing them smile. Marketing is great to know how to connect with people who love sports or in general.

Who/what were some of the people/experiences at CSP that influenced you the most, and how?

Dr. Lana Huberty (Assistant Professor of Kinesiology): If it were not for Dr. Huberty bringing me into her room and going over the Master of Arts in Sports Management program, I would have never gone to graduate school. She literally talked me into it before I could even say yes. When I said yes, she enrolled me and we got to work.

Dr. Stephen Ross (Associate Professor of Sports Management): Dr. Ross had been my undergraduate professor numerous times and if it were not for him, I would not have known my true passion for sports. I got approved from Dr. Ross to do an internship with the Ryder Cup in 2016. He was always there along the way, and then when I went to graduate school, he made sure I was where I needed to be.

Both Drs. Huberty and Ross helped me get a petition to start graduate school right after my undergraduate degree.

Dr. Nancy Harrower (Associate Professor of Marketing and Management): Dr. Harrower invited me into her office and asked me why I wanted to get a minor in marketing and do it all in my senior year. My answer was pretty simple: “Because this is what I want to do.” After that, she signed my papers and I was able to start my marketing minor right away. Dr. Harrower showed me major love and really helped me learn about marketing. I feel if I don’t get another job in sports, I know enough about marketing to pursue something else. I love marketing because of her.

Dr. Cheryl Troutman Chatman (Executive Vice President and Dean of Diversity): Dr. Chatman was very influential my last year of my undergraduate and made sure to show me I was doing well for our community. I love her to death and she makes sure to reach out time and time again.

Regan McAthie (Director of Athletics): The best person to have. I am comfortable when I know Regan is around. She has been a pleasure to watch from my freshman year in 2013 to now and see how she has flourished [in her roles at CSP]. She is an inspiration.

What has your career path been since graduating?

I currently work for the Milwaukee Brewers as a Ticket Sales Representative. My job is to sell season packages as well as groups. My goal is to bring in a sufficient amount of money for the ticket team to hit our goal. When the season starts, I turn more into a servicer and help my clients throughout the season as well as during game days. I have been involved in helping players’ events for ticket holders and more. I am involved in a lot of events here at Miller Park, not only just game-days. What we do here is special. We are the smallest market in Major League Baseball, but top-ten in season attendance and group events. It is a lot of hard work here and we grind! After the Brewers, I will be pursuing a mid-level sports job.

How has your CSP education impacted your life and career?

If it were not for CSP, I would not know where I would be now. CSP helped me fulfill my first goal by being able to play basketball. I love basketball and that right there helped me see what CSP had to offer. It wasn’t until my senior year where I saw the help I had when I asked for it.

I remember sitting down with the career development office to go over my interview with the Brewers. We had time to create my own resume and go over questions for the interview. I was also given questions and hints to stand out. I wrote a thank you letter to my now boss because of the Career office and it ended up getting me a job! My boss said, “Not a lot of people do handwritten letters, but at Miller Park, this is what we do daily. I want you to be a part of it.”

I started attending marketing workshops that Dr. Harrower had set up for us and it really helped me see what I can do with my future. Having actual people come and talk about their business helped me feel ready for life after college. I wish I would have attended more workshops in my career at CSP, but when I finally had time after basketball, I made sure to use it wisely. There is never a right time to use the services, but they should be used more! I personally feel, if I had not gone to those events, I wouldn’t be here at the Milwaukee Brewers. I truly believe that.

It comes down to “are you willing to do the things now to become better later?” That’s what career services and workshops did for me. I wouldn’t have thought I would be where I am, but those last couple of months at CSP were a stepping stone to who I am today.

All this support did not change with me moving back to Milwaukee. I know exactly who to call if I need anything from life to career. I am forever grateful because I went to CSP as a young lady with hoop aspirations to a grown woman with a master’s degree. God is good. Thank you!