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Morgan McLaughlin

Instructional Technology Supervisor and Teacher at Minnesota Internship Center

Morgan McLaughlin graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education from Concordia University, St. Paul in 2009. He is now an Instructional Technology Supervisor/Teacher at Minnesota Internship Center.

McLaughlin valued CSP’s close-knit community. “It had a great education program. My father graduated from CSP while I was in high school, so I was familiar with the campus and some staff. It was close to home. Small class sizes.”

He had the ability to connect with the campus community even as a commuter student through CSP extracurriculars. “I was a writer for The Sword for almost my entire time at CSP. The Sword helped my academic writing immensely and forced me to get out of the commuter bubble by helping me socialize more with my fellow students.”

McLaughlin received educational opportunities at CSP that he wouldn’t have had at a different university. “The undergrad education classes prepared me far more than most of my colleagues, many of whom have had a Masters of Ed. I was far more able to effectively teach, connect with my students, adapt, and curriculum design than most of my fellow teachers over the past 14 years when comparing my 1st years of teaching to theirs.”