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Bachelor of Arts


CSP’s Bachelor of Arts in History examines how the world has changed culturally, geographically, and politically, all from various global perspectives.


Program Length

44 Credit Hours


On Campus

Learn to think critically about changes over time and how historical happenings affect and shape modern societies. You’ll have the chance to explore the histories of Europe, Latin America, the United States, and more, all in great depth and detail.

History majors at CSP have a world of possibilities for careers after graduation. Career options include museum curator, political scientist, archivist, and many more. Many graduates choose to further their education with a master’s degree as well.

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Program Details

The History program at CSP encourages students to develop valuable skills in both research and content. Historical perspectives include political, social, economic, diplomatic, and more. This unique mix ensures a well-rounded experience that adequately prepares graduates for dynamic careers after college.

The skillset built by History majors is one that’s valuable across many disciplines and applicable to any career. You’ll hone your critical thinking and researching skills when creating reports and research projects. Learn how to discern relevant primary source materials and do deep dives on fascinating historical topics.

Internship opportunities are abundant in this program. Pick from exciting positions in government agencies, archives, museums, and more. The valuable skills gained during your time as an intern will translate well to your desired career path.

After your time at CSP, career options are nearly endless. With such an all-encompassing degree, your career path can take almost any turn. Career options include museum curator, librarian, political scientist, archivist, professor, and many more.

Student Outcomes

CSP graduates are leaders and trailblazers. Meet some of our alumni below and see how they’re shaping the world.

Patrick Inouye

Student Teacher, Rancho Buena Vista High School

Career Support

The support system you’ll enjoy at CSP continues far past the day you receive your diploma. Our Office of Career Development helps students and alumni find meaningful work through job & internship assistance, networking opportunities, interview prep, and much more.


CSP was ranked in the Top 10 “Career Ready” Institutions & Top 10 “Career Ready” Feedback for First-Generation College Students in the 2021 SkillSurvey Career Readiness.

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Meet our faculty

Our world-class faculty use their decades of experience to nurture your success from the first day of class all the way to graduation— and beyond.

Dr. Paul Hillmer

Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Thomas Saylor

Professor of History

Dr. David Woodard

Director of the Faculty Scholarship Center Term Faculty in History Graduate School Faculty