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Bachelor of Science


CSP’s Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is an all-encompassing degree that will equip you with the means to succeed in data-driven roles. Students who are looking for a math degree that pairs with a minor can pursue a BA in Mathematics instead.


Program Length

57 Credit Hours


On Campus

Add and build on foundational skills in areas such as calculus, physics, advanced algebra, and statistics. You’ll also explore and learn how to master complex computer systems.

Graduates from CSP who earn their BS in Mathematics are well prepared to step into any number of top roles across different industries. Exciting careers are available for graduates to work as data scientists, actuaries, researchers, risk analysts, and more. Every student who goes through the program will also have the opportunity to engage in a useful internship that prepares them for success.

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Career Opportunities

Mathematicians and Statisticians $ 93,290

Mathematicians and statisticians analyze data and apply mathematical and statistical techniques to help solve problems.

Operations Research Analysts $ 86,200

Operations research analysts use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help solve complex issues.

Actuaries $ 111,030

Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty.

Program Details

The BS in Mathematics is CSP’s most expansive mathematics degree, spanning from mathematical programming knowledge to analytical practices. Graduates from the program will be well-versed in key mathematical concentrations that maximize career preparedness.

The program offers challenging, yet rewarding coursework in areas such as advanced calculus, probability and statistics, programs such as Python and Microsoft Excel Core, and more. You’ll learn how to use technology including computer algebra systems, geometry modeling software, spreadsheets, 3D printers, and computer programming to model and solve complex problems that are applicable in the real world.

A multitude of opportunities for math majors to hone their skills outside the classroom exist. Many students advance their knowledge and earn honors by conducting independent research projects that are then presented at undergraduate research conferences. Another way to branch out includes the popular Tri-Pi math club that offers on-campus social events.

Career prospects for those who graduate with a degree in Mathematics are robust. CSP math majors have followed a wide variety of career paths and are currently working as data analysts, risk analysts, inventory analysts, high school teachers, college professors, statisticians, doctors, lawyers, researchers, and more.

Student Outcomes

CSP graduates are leaders and trailblazers. Meet some of our alumni below and see how they’re shaping the world.

Katie Moynihan

Payment Integrity, Optum

Irene Lanchava

UX Designer, Polaris

Rex Johnson

Football Analyst, Minnesota Vikings


2021 MinneAnalytics Scholarship Winner

The 2021 MinneAnalytics scholarship winner is senior Annalise Scamehorn, a Mathematics major and Finance minor at CSP. Scamehorn is involved in a variety of on-campus activities at Concordia, including playing on the softball team, serving as co-vice president of the Tri-Pi math club, and leading a small group through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). She plans to pursue an MA in Data Analytics at CSP because she loves how data analytics can help people make tough decisions across industries.

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Career support

The support system you’ll enjoy at CSP continues far past the day you receive your diploma. Our Office of Career Development helps students and alumni find meaningful work through job & internship assistance, networking opportunities, interview prep, and much more.


CSP was ranked in the Top 10 “Career Ready” Institutions & Top 10 “Career Ready” Feedback for First-Generation College Students in the 2021 SkillSurvey Career Readiness.

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Our world-class faculty use their decades of experience to nurture your success from the first day of class all the way to graduation— and beyond.

Dr. Robert Krueger

Chair of Department of Mathematics

Dr. Sarah Jahn

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Rachel Krueger

Term Faculty of Mathematics