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Parent Coaching Certificate



This program combines family systems, parenting theories, and evidence-based coaching strategies to help students work more effectively with individuals and families, enhance leadership skills and improve relationships with family and friends. Students will learn to apply active listening skills, build trust, and ask questions that honor each family's uniqueness and strengths and empowers families and individuals to be the best version of themselves. This program prepares students for careers in helping professions, including education, early childhood, family life education, human services, and criminal justice.


Program Length

22 Credits



What is family coaching

Coaching is shifting from a mindset of “How do I fix a problem” to “How do I support others in becoming more capable and confident in their abilities?”

Family and Parent Coaches recognize that all families have strengths, and the families are in the best place to know what they need and how to apply their strengths. Family coaches combine family and parenting theories and evidence-based coaching strategies to help participants/parents identify their needs and values, set goals, and create action plans to meet those needs. Family Coaches might shift between education, case management, or therapy depending on family needs on the coaches’ expertise and education skills and scope. Family coaches might work with an individual family member (like a caregiver), yet the process focuses on the whole family system instead of the interests of an individual.