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C. Charles Jackson Business Leadership Community

The C. Charles Jackson Business Leadership Community offers a unique opportunity to connect classroom learning with a residential community.  The BLC will enhance student involvement in innovative ways including increased faculty interaction, dynamic leadership programming, and business-focused excursions to prepare college students’ for career and personal leadership development.  The BLC provides the opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills while creating their own network of fellow students, business faculty and staff, and peers who are motivated to succeed.

Learn more about Living Learning Communities on CSP’s Campus through this brief video:

85 %

LLCs reported higher levels of academic success among national participants

1 st

Our 1st Living Learning Community offered to CSP Students!

80 %

National LLC participants reported strong growth in organization and time management

BLC students who engage in the living-learning community will experience:

  • Experiential activities with real-world application
  • Ignite Leadership program involvement
  • Personal and professional goal-setting
  • Academic achievement in a supportive environment
  • Increased community involvement
  • Purposeful career preparation
  • Introduction to Twin Cities business executives
  • Faculty mentorship within our College of Business
  • Taking two courses together with their peers who live in Hyatt

Business Management



What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • Yup! You will be placed in Hyatt Village Pods A and B with other first-year students with the same gender. Hyatt Village is one of our newest residence halls on campus and comes with a private bathroom, air conditioning, new lounge furniture, access to the campus tunnel system, and brand new lofts, beds, and room furniture!

  • Not at all! You will not pay a penny more than anyone else while having access to more programs, events, speakers, and excursions.

  • Nope! All you need to do is have an interest in leadership or business. As first-year students, you are still exploring exactly what you want to do. Let us help you! Maybe you find yourself studying marketing, maybe communications, or even international business. This program will develop your skills, abilities, passions, and direction.

    You will be enrolled in two 2-credit courses (CSP Seminar and Business Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship) together with your peers who are also living in Hyatt.  Spring semester, students will be enrolled in ECO 101: Macroeconomics with their BLC cohort. This creates a great environment for community-building and leadership development.

  • We have so much planned for you. Here are a few things to get excited about:

    • Off-campus retreat
    • Community speakers
    • Local business tours
    • Upperclass mentorship opportunities
    • City excursions to museums, amusement parks, sports games, and more
    • Tutoring and individualized study groups
    • In-hall programs, events, and hang outs
  • Everyone has leadership experience. Maybe it was presenting in a group to your class in High School, playing a sport, trying out for the theater show, or even forming a group of friends you plan to stay in contact with! This program will push you to be the best leader you can be! You are going to have the chance to learn and explore your own leadership style, as well as, learn from others on your floor and in the community about what leadership really means!

  • Three steps!

    1. Apply to live on campus through the Admitted Student Page: CLICK HERE
    2. Select Hyatt Village – Business Leadership Community
    3. Submit your $200 deposit to the university

    From there, we enroll you in courses and place you in Hyatt Village with your new roommate in June!

The Business Leadership Community is made possible through funding from the C. Charles Jackson Foundation