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Financial Aid

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We know college can be expensive, but we don’t want higher education to be financially unattainable. Paying for college doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. Start with one of Minnesota’s best prices for a private education, then see how university aid, scholarships, self contributions and student loans can help make Concordia even more affordable.

Financial Aid - What You Need To Know


    (use this web address to ensure you are not charged to file the FAFSA)

    CSP FAFSA school code: 002347

    2020-21 FAFSA available October 1, 2019 (using tax information from 2018)

    If you receive a message from Student Financial Services at CSP requesting any type of additional information to complete an award letter do not delay.


    The FAFSA Priority Deadline at CSP is MAY 1. Qualifying students will be awarded SEOG, Perkins, and other restricted annual funds on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the date of FAFSA completion as determined by the Department of Education and/or May 1 (whichever is earlier).


    Selected for Verification? Please contact our Verification team at 651-641-8776 or [email protected] with any questions.

  • Your financial aid and student account are two separate entities. Students will view full charge assessment(s) until financial aid and/or other payments are applied. To calculate the amount due prior to all financial aid funds posting to the student account, use the following steps:

    • Login to Blackboard:
    • Within Student Tools, click on Financial Aid Award
    • Select the proper aid award year
    • Click on the Award Overview tab to view and determine financial aid/assistance approximations

    PLEASE NOTE: All Financial Aid awards are approximations until actual disbursement, and may change at anytime with our without consent of the recipient as determined by the Department of Higher Education (DOE).

    1. Login to Blackboard:
    2. Within Student Tools, click on Financial Aid Award
    3. Select the Aid Year
    4. Review the award on the Award Overview tab
    5. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions
    6. Accept or decline the award on the Accept Award Offer tab and submit

    Please remember to check and complete all Financial Aid Requirements as outstanding requirements may delay aid disbursement.

  • To be eligible for institutional or federal financial funds produced from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you must accomplish ALL the following:

    • Minimum cumulative Grade Point | Average [GPA] of 2.0
    • Minimum cumulative successful completion rate of 67% of all attempted credits
    • Complete your program within 150% of published course length

    If you do not satisfy one or more of the mandated requirements, the following may occur:

    • Financial Aid Warning
    • Financial Aid Probation
    • Financial Aid Suspension
  • Refunds are produced when the aid received is greater than tuition and fees charged. Federal Loans, Subsidized and Unsubsidized, will initially disburse to qualifying students after the add-drop period for the most current term has expired.

    Once funds are disbursed, if a refund is produced it will be issued within two weeks (14 calendar days). Refunds are issued two times per week: Wednesday and Friday.

    If Federal Stafford Loans are borrowed, a Disclosure Statement will be mailed to your permanent home address from the Department of Education. Please retain these records for your future use, and review them to determine loan disbursement amounts and dates.

    Refunds are sent to students via a paper check issued to a permanent home address, or via Direct Deposit. CSP encourages students to use the Direct Deposit option.

    Direct Deposit can be set up in your Blackboard account.

  • Once enrollment at CSP is confirmed (on/after the first day of class attendance), FERPA will be implemented. Students wanting parents or other individuals to have access to financial aid and/or student account information after beginning college at CSP must complete Proxy Access:

    • Login to Blackboard:
    • Within University links, click on Student Page (select for additional student links)
    • Within Registrar, click on Student Information Release Authorization

Tuition Due Dates/Payments

Tuition and fees must be paid in full by posted deadlines each term.

Fall Semester Due Dates

  • First Wednesday in October – At least half of outstanding balance due
  • First Wednesday in November – Total remaining balance due

Spring Semester Due Dates

  • First Wednesday in March – At least half of outstanding balance due
  • First Wednesday in April – Total remaining balance due

Summer Semester Due Dates

  • June 15

Semester fees are due in full by the initial posted date as referenced above. Students with outstanding semester fees by the second due date may be assessed the following:

  • $35 Processing Fee
  • 1% monthly finance charge on the outstanding principle balance
  • Future enrollment prohibited
Payment By Check

Concordia University
Lockbox 446006
PO Box 64065
St Paul, MN 55164-0065

Online Payment(s)

• Login to Blackboard
• Click on My Account by Term
• Select the Payments tab

Questions? Contact Your Admissions Counselor

Your admissions counselor is your point of contact for any financial aid questions you have prior to your first day of classes. When you have questions, please contact your counselor directly or connect with Admissions at [email protected] or 651-641-8230.

To schedule a meeting with your counselor, register online.

Items to Complete Checklist

    • FAFSA (

    • Complete Verification

    • Accept or Decline Loans

      • Please accept or decline your awarded unsubsidized or subsidized Stafford Loans in your Blackboard account
    • Entrance Counseling

    • Master Promissory Note (MPN)

    • Minnesota State Grant Form