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Child Learning & Development

Bachelor of Arts


One of the most versatile degrees offered at Concordia, the BA in Child Learning & Development degree leans into a wide range of practices to ensure career readiness in any field related to adolescent development. The core of the program centers on the fundamental processes of child and adolescent development within the contexts of families, schools, peer groups, and larger cultural contexts. Throughout your studies, you’ll gain a full understanding of the methodology that will propel you to successful career opportunities that advance childhood education advocacy. Career opportunities that stem from the program include work in education, psychology, public health, social work, and public policy. While this degree opens many career pathways, it does not lead to a Minnesota teaching license.


Program Length

43 Credit Hours


On Campus


Unlike degrees at other universities, the BA in Child Learning & Development aims to prepare graduates for work in a vast array of fields, not a single concentration. This is achieved through a diverse body of coursework, knowledgeable professors who help you on your journey, and real-world learning opportunities.

All students who work their way through the program will take a blend of education and psychology courses. You’ll be equipped with a well-rounded skill set that touches on human relations, educational psychology, understanding the unique challenges of youth education, adolescent psychology, and more.

After completing the program, you’ll be prepared to transform your personal, professional, and community environments in ways that fulfill tenets of the Christian faith, advance servant leadership, and address human needs. Many of our graduates find work as behavior analysts, social workers, family therapists, child psychologists, and more.

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