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A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from CSP provides a solid foundation for students interested in a wide range of human-focused careers, including social work, counseling, human development, and others - along with a pathway to advanced degree programs.


Program Length

43 Credits


On Campus

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Students in this program learn from experienced CSP faculty who bring deep expertise in human psychology and unique insight into career path exploration to support students’ individual interests.

The focused curriculum provides essential learning opportunities and skill-building that opens doors to myriad opportunities to help others – whether within organizations and companies or in settings where graduates will work 1:1 or in group settings to help people improve their lives and resolve issues.

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Career Paths

Social Worker $ 61,420
School Psychologist $ 81,500
Clinical Psychologist $ 90,130


The BA in Psychology from CSP includes 32-44 focused credits in addition to general education requirements and electives for a minimum of 120 credits for graduation.

Starting with foundational in-person coursework in the fundamentals of psychology, students advance to courses exploring cognition, memory, and learning – and on to exploration of counseling, abnormal psychology, personality theories, research methods, and social psychology.

At CSP, students seeking a BA in Psychology also have options to study physiological psychology, group counseling & therapy, forensic psychology, and health psychology – along with specific relational study in family systems, structures, and relationships.

The coursework firmly establishes CSP graduates for rewarding career paths as well as further graduate study in psychology.

Interested in the online version of this program? Click here.

Welcoming Community

“CSP’s community is so special because everyone is so welcoming. Even when I first toured campus, all the staff, faculty, and students were extremely helpful, friendly, and supportive.”

– Alicia Joswiak (’22 Psychology), Neuropsychometrist at HealthPartners

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Our world-class faculty use their decades of experience to nurture your success from the first day of class all the way to graduation— and beyond.