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Public Health

Bachelor of Arts


Lead the charge in improving the health of communities through education, policy-making, and research. The BA in Public Health from CSP is a hyper-relevant degree that enables you to work around the world and across industries, in various health-related roles.


Program Length

44 Credit Hours


On Campus

Dive into a diversified course schedule that includes focuses on public wellbeing, research methodology, outreach, and advocacy. You’ll receive a useful degree that covers skills that are desired in roles that impact public health.

Due in part to the unprecedented societal challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, careers in public health are as relevant and vital as ever. Guidance in the area of public health is especially sought after in the government sector and scientific community, where many graduates find success. Additional doors open for those who pursue the opportunity to further their education with a master’s or doctorate degree.

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Learn how to protect the safety and health of communities through public education, government policy, and scientific research. CSP’s role in your development is to ensure you become a difference-maker who creates a meaningful impact in public health-related roles.

Successful public health professionals are well-equipped with a deep-rooted skillset. Due to the valuable internships available, graduates from the program are proven communicators and career-ready leaders who are well-versed in relevant scientific concentrations.

Being a public health professional enables you to work around the world, address health-related obstacles for communities as a whole, and influence policies that affect the health of societies. 

Create positive outcomes in local, state, and national communities in careers like community health education, emergency management, or environmental science. More advanced roles are available to those who pair this program with a master’s or doctorate degree.

career support

The support system you’ll enjoy at CSP continues far past the day you receive your diploma. Our Office of Career Development helps students and alumni find meaningful work through job & internship assistance, networking opportunities, interview prep, and much more.


CSP was ranked in the Top 10 “Career Ready” Institutions & Top 10 “Career Ready” Feedback for First-Generation College Students in the 2021 SkillSurvey Career Readiness.

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