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Public Relations

Bachelor of Arts


Learn how to become a proficient public communicator who creates compelling digital, oral, and written messaging. A Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from CSP covers all methods of public communication, including modern channels such as social media.


Program Length

43 Credits


On Campus

The program focuses on equipping you with vital communication tools to form a well-balanced skill set for career success. Craft valuable hard skills like public speaking, social media management, and crisis communication. After graduation, you’ll feel equipped to lead dynamic PR campaigns or manage mass communications for large corporations.

Your career paths with a BA in Public Relations are wide-ranging. Our graduates make a difference in areas such as corporate communications, social media management, government affairs, and public relations firms.

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Career Paths

News Reporter/Journalist $ 55,960
Public Relations Specialist $ 67,440
Public Relations Managers $ 129,430

Program Details

The Public Relations BA at Concordia encompasses several communications concentrations to prepare you for an impactful career. The invaluable knowledge and tools you’ll gain from the program encourage lifelong learning and career preparedness.

Explore the formulation of mass communication in the social media age, how to build strategic public relations plans, research persuasive communication theories, and discover how to shape public narratives. Industry-specific topics such as stakeholder management, audience analysis, and crisis situation management are also given special attention.

Hands-on internships are a key component to being prepared for a career in public relations. Your internship experience at CSP will be custom tailored for your goals and area of interest, which ensures that your transition from college to career is a smooth one.

Careers in public relations-related fields are numerous. Become a PR expert for a Fortune 500 company, manage social media for a cutting-edge tech company, or oversee investor relations at an investment firm – your future is yours to shape.


CSP graduates are leaders and trailblazers. Meet some of our alumni below and see how they’re shaping the world.

meet our faculty

Our world-class faculty use their decades of experience to nurture your success from the first day of class all the way to graduation— and beyond.