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This program is designed to address such questions as: How does religion help the individual live a well examined life? What is the importance of religious values for the individual and for the human community? How does theological literature relate to social issues? You’ll explore how religious perspectives have a significant role in public life and have opportunities to observe and reflect on religious faith communities. A minor in religion paired with a major from a variety of disciplines—business, science, sports medicine, the arts—will add a distinctive quality to a graduate’s resume and open careers in those areas.


Course Length

19-20 Credit Hours


On Campus

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Mark Koschmann

Chair of the Department of Theology and Ministry

Dr. Mark Schuler

Professor of Theology & Ministry

Dr. Reed Lessing

Professor of Theology and Ministry, Director of The Center for Biblical Studies

Dr. Samuel Deressa

Assistant Professor of Theology and the Global South

Dr. Rhoda Schuler

Professor Emerita