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Secondary Education

Bachelor of Arts


Majoring in Secondary Education involves the study of pedagogy, or the method and practice of teaching. You’ll develop the skills and insights to become a middle school or high school teacher and lifelong learner. Students who complete this major and the BA in Mathematics, BA in Biology or BA in Chemistry (together with other state requirements) are eligible to apply for a Minnesota teaching license for grades 5-12 (mathematics), grades 9-12 (life science) or grades 9-12 (chemistry).  


Program Length

42-45 Credit Hours


On Campus

Students in this program gain knowledge and skills that are important for any teaching career as you take education classes plus coursework within your chosen content area to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, and the secondary education curriculum meets the Minnesota Department of Education requirements for a teaching credential (passage of standardized examinations of content and pedagogy are also required).

Double Major Options


Teach life science to grades 9-12.

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Teach chemistry to grades 9-12.

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Teach mathematics to grades 5-12.

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