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Bachelor of Arts


The major in theology is designed to prepare students who plan to attend seminary and pursue a master’s of divinity or other advanced theological degree. The core required courses introduce students to biblical studies, Lutheran theology, philosophy, and church history. Students are encouraged but not required to study biblical Greek and Hebrew and can choose from a variety of theology electives that are of interest to them. Although the degree emphasizes Lutheran doctrine, students from any Christian tradition planning to attend seminary will be well prepared by completing this major.


Program Length

42 Credit Hours


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Earn a fully-encompassing Theology degree that covers everything you’ll need to be equipped for seminary and more. This BA in Theology is an introduction to a lifetime of theological learning and growth.

The emphasis of the program is on Lutheran doctrine. The degree is a study of the content and effective application of the Christian understanding of doctrine itself, God, creation, theological anthropology, and the person and work of Christ, with an exploration of the biblical basis, conceptual framework, and the contemporary significance of the historic doctrine of the Lutheran church.

Coursework also expands to include the study of the Old Testament, New Testament, philosophical approaches, and the history of the church. By the end of the program, you’ll feel confident in taking the next step to seminary or a master’s in divinity.

Meet Our Faculty

Rev. Dr. Mark Koschmann

Associate Vice President of Faith and Ministry & Chair of the Department of Theology & Ministry

Rev. Dr. Mark Schuler

Professor Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing

Professor of Theology & Ministry, Director of The Center for Biblical Studies

Rev. Dr. Samuel Deressa

Assistant Professor of Theology and the Global South and Fiechtner Chair for Christian Outreach, Director of DCO Program

Rev. Dr. Joshua Hollmann

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology