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Business Management

Bachelor of Arts


A BA in Business Management from CSP sets students up for successful business careers. Coursework spans entrepreneurship, business strategy, marketing, finance, economics, and more.  Students will be empowered to define their own leadership style, motivate teams, and gain strategic planning skills to help them stand out in the job market. A strong emphasis on ethics and leadership, combined with opportunities to explore powerful case studies and provide real-world consulting for area businesses lead to a competitive advantage and opportunities to launch deeply rewarding careers.


Course Length

44 Credit Hours


On Campus


CSP Lowest Tuition BadgePlacement Rate BadgeCSP Highest Salary Badge



Administrative Services Manager $ 96,180 7 %

Job Outlook 2018-28

General and Operations Manager $ 100,930

2018 Median Income

0.3 %

Job Outlook 2016-26

Management Analyst $ 82.450

2017 Medium Income

14 %

Job Outlook 2016-26

Sales Manager $ 121,060

2017 Median Income

7 %

Job Outlook 2016-26

Purchasing Manager $ 66,610

2017 Median Income

-3 %

Job Outlook 2016-26

Sales Representative $ 78,830

2017 Median Income

1.8 %

Job Outlook 2016-26

Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Management entails 44 credit hours of high caliber study, intensely focused on classic and emerging needs of today’s businesses. Degree requirements include additional general education and a wide range of enticing elective opportunities. 

Business-specific coursework dives deep into economics, business fundamentals, technology, accounting, analytics, corporate finance and legal environments. Students learn from top business experts about organizational behavior, marketing, operations, and quality. In addition, students can expand to specific skillsets such as talent management, negotiations, communications, and international/global business. 

CSP business graduates are among the highest-paid professionals in the region.

Meet Our Faculty

Renata Mayrhofer

Instructor of Business Management Chair of Business Administration and Management Program

Phillip Hampton

Term Faculty of Finance

Rev. Dr. Michael Dorner

Vice President for Finance | Assistant Professor of Accounting

Student Outcomes


Conor McDougall | BBA - Business Management

Pilot, SkyWest Airlines

“CSP gave me the life skills to interact on a professional level and developed problem-solving skills that I use every day as a pilot.”

We Are CSP

Carline Bengtsson

Non-Profit Entrepreneur