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Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science


CSP’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science is designed to help graduates become experts in three vital kinesiology concepts: exercise, human movement, and wellness.


Program Length

72 Credits


On Campus

Your studies in the program are comprised of a holistic approach toward exercise science. This means coursework in biology, mathematics, and human anatomy will all be explored to gain proper understanding from all angles.

The program prepares you for rewarding careers in personal training, coaching, rehabilitation sciences, and health and wellness education. Many graduates from the program further their education in areas like physical therapy, chiropractic, athletic training, sport psychology, and more.

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Exercise Physiologist $ 51,350
Athletic Trainer $ 53,840
Occupational Therapist $ 93,180

Program Details

CSP’s BS in Exercise Science degree will prepare you for an impactful and positive career in many kinesiology-related fields. After your time at CSP you’ll feel well-equipped to step into your dream career or further your education.

The 72-credit program includes a well-balanced study of biology, chemistry, human anatomy, foundations of exercise and sports science, nutrition, psychology, biomechanics, athletic training, injury prevention, and more. This all-around approach to the degree makes it incredibly valuable to those who desire career flexibility.

After completing the program you’ll have mastered necessary skills such as patient rehabilitation, building nutritional plans, psychological aspects of wellness, and more. Your hands-on internship will allow you to work alongside seasoned professionals and gain invaluable experience.

Exercise Science graduates from CSP can enter virtually any related field and start their careers. Popular career paths include personal training, coaching, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc.

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Student Outcomes

CSP graduates are leaders and trailblazers. Meet some of our alumni below and see how they’re shaping the world.

Meet Our Faculty

Our world-class faculty use their decades of experience to nurture your success from the first day of class all the way to graduation— and beyond.