Bachelor of Arts inChristian Ministry


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Program Overview
Credit Hours: 42

Majoring in Christian Ministry involves studying Christian beliefs, teachings, history, practices, ethics, church organization and management, and outreach. You’ll explore your vocation as you reflect on and formalize your understanding of faith and learning in the context of your personal identity in Christ, the broader ministry of the Gospel and your vision of future ministry and personal growth. You’ll be equipped for exemplary service in Christian ministry (with an education or outreach emphasis) as you take 42 credit hours towards a Bachelor of Arts degree.

You’ll have real opportunities to learn beyond the classroom with two semesters of fieldwork in a local congregation under the supervision of a parish professional.

The primary objective of the Christian Ministry major is to equip students for exemplary service in Christian ministry settings in the areas of education and/or outreach. It presupposes the minor in confessional Lutheranism, which represents the theological core of the program and is taken by most church work students. The following objectives, growing out of and informed by the Christian Gospel, help to determine the plan of study for the Major in
Christian Ministry:

For Certification in the LCMS as a Director of Christian Education (DCE), add 12 credits. For Certification in the LCMS as a Director of Christian Outreach (DCO), add 12 credits of internship and 12 credits of additional coursework. Both DCE and DCO certifications also require completion of the Lutheran Theology minor.