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Graphic Design BFA

Bachelor of Fine Arts


This intensive 4-year program is designed to prepare students at the highest level for creative professions like graphic design and other communications-related fields that rely on visual imagery. Students will gain an understanding of design theories and practices related to production in all areas of graphic design for traditional and emerging digital formats. The addition of substantial advanced studio, theory, and contextual work beyond the BA means that upon completion of the program students will understand professional level craft, theory, process, and technical skills, and an ability to produce thoughtful and informed work in such areas as institutional branding and identity, new media, web development and interactivity, package design, publication design, advertising, illustration, signage and exhibition design, sustainability, spirituality, and social change.


Course Length

80 Credit Hours


On Campus

Meet Our Faculty

John DuFresne

Chair, Department of Art & Design, Professor of Practice, Art & Design

Cate Vermeland

Professor of Practice, Art & Design

Keith Williams

Professor of Art and Art History

Student Outcomes

Bert Lee

Creative Designer, Periscope

Cornel Beard

Associate Designer, 10 Thousand Design

KJ Eikom

Art Director, The Refinery Creative