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Sport Management

Bachelor of Arts


Channel your passion for sports into a lifelong career that you love. Concordia’s BA in Sport Management degree is the ultimate blend of sport management and health science. Those core focuses allow you to have the greatest career flexibility after your time at CSP.


Program Length

44 Credits


On Campus

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The program dives deep into different facets of those two main tenets to create a degree that fully equips you for success. As a Sport Management major, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of CSP’s world-class business and kinesiology courses. Whether your aspirations are in the front office of your favorite sports team or helping athletes manage their careers as an agent, this program is the perfect jumping-off point.

Many of our graduates go on to further their education with an MA in Sport Management.

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Career Paths

Athletic Coach $ 44,890
Event Planner $ 52,560
Public Relations Specialist $ 67,440

Program Details

The Sport Management program at CSP is a dynamic degree offering where you’ll take part in engaging courses that actually help you develop lifelong skills. Those valuable job-ready skills will help your career flourish in the short and long-term, no matter what your goals are.

You’ll receive a complete and well-rounded experience with coursework. Courses and areas of study include sport business, marketing and fundraising, excercise physiology, sport sociology, and biomechanics. Every graduate will also leave CSP with direct industry experience after completing their internship.

The concentrated and relevant skill set you’ll build at CSP will translate directly into your career. Graduates complete the program with a strong portfolio of skills relating to marketing, management, and finance, as well as physiological and sociological focuses.

You’ll be prepared to start a variety of exciting careers including being a coach, athletic director, marketing consultant, or even a sports agent.

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Student Outcomes

CSP graduates are leaders and trailblazers. Meet some of our alumni below and see how they’re shaping the world.

Meet our faculty

Our world-class faculty use their decades of experience to nurture your success from the first day of class all the way to graduation— and beyond.