Bachelor & Master of Arts inFamily Science 3+2 option (BA to MA)


Fortune 500 Companies Headquartered in the Twin Cities


Enrollment (1,400 on-campus undergraduates)


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10 minutes

travel time to downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul


the year Concordia was founded

Program Overview
Credit Hours: 142

The 3+2 program allows high-performing students to have the ability to shorten their timeline for completion of a master’s degree. Admission to the 3+2 program requires: 1) Completion of 64 credits or an associate’s degree, 2) a 3.00 CGPA, 3) a written essay, and 4) an interview (telephone or in person) with the department. The undergraduate and graduate degrees will be conferred simultaneously upon conclusion of the master’s degree to ensure all student outcomes have been met. Interested students should contact the department or their academic advisor for specific information regarding the 3+2 program.

In a competitive job market, how do new graduates beat out their competition? One way is to up the ante and walk out of college with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is offering a BA to MA (3+2) program in Family Sciences, which provides students two degrees in five years. This option provides an accelerated route to a graduate professional degree, with simultaneous award of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

This program provides a seamless process whereby students can progress from undergraduate to graduate status without having to apply through the Admissions Office.

This 142-credit program (BA 97 credits, MA 45 credits) is offered in a blended format, both in class and online. Both degrees would be awarded at the same time at the graduation ceremony.